10 Best Healthcare Data Management Tools

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We all like our DICOM medical image viewers, but now is the time to check out some healthcare tools that your hospital or practice should use.

1. Dundas BI

This is one of the many healthcare data management tools available these days. It is a very user-friendly software which helps in data management, offers analytics tools and has various other features. The customized dashboard lets you use the features with great ease.

2. Sisense

Here comes another data management system for the healthcare sector. Sisense is reported to be an ideal option for mid-size and larger hospitals with more patients and huge data. It is also a great solution to organize the unstructured data for better data management in hospitals.

3. MicroStrategy

There are a number of tools which offer self-service for healthcare data management and this is one of those. When compared with other tools, it offers more features like revenue cycle intelligence, care management, and physician quality scoring. It seems to be a perfect choice for most of the hospitals.

4. Availity

Hospitals have many issues and not just data management. One of the main problems is payment and bill management. Availity is one of the tools which also facilitates hospitals in their billing and payments. It also makes data management and structuring quite easier.

5. SoftClinic

Not many healthcare data management tools offer features like EMR, EHR, HMS, DICOM medical image viewer, and cloud services. But this one does offer. That is why it is rated as the top tool which many hospitals are using nowadays. With this tool, you can improve data management, digital records, patient information and other details.

6. Intelligent Medical Software

As the name implies, this is a very smart and intelligent medical care system for the healthcare professionals. Every hospital start using it because it is the best solution to multiple hospital issues like billing, payment, data management and record keeping. Individual doctors can also make good use of this tool to improve their efficiency and data management. You can check if you can use it with your DICOM images database.

7. eHospital Systems

We checked a good number of tools and systems for healthcare data management. This was the best one which impressed us because of its features. The best thing about eHospital Systems is that it is customizable. The users can optimize it for more features and additional works. It solves most of the health data management issues.

8. PrimeCare 

PrimeCare is one of the few best and highly advanced data management systems for the healthcare sector. It has been particularly designed to handle hospital and patient data. It offers complete integration between front and back offices, clinical decision support, as well as evidence based care. These features make it the best system.

9. Nextgate

This is an impressive data management tool for the healthcare sector. It is also widely used in other industries with little tweaks as it has great features, is customizable and offers amazing performance. It makes data management pretty easy and convenient.

10. Caresoft

Here comes the last pick in our list of data management tools for the healthcare sector. It also offers a good number of essential features for managing the patient and child data. Hospitals use this system because of its great design.

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