12 Best Kept Secrets of Increasing Ecommerce Sales

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What are secrets you need to make your ecommerce store a success? Let’s know:

1. Target Existing Customers

Through effective campaigns, ecommerce sites should target the current as well as potential customers. It can be done via social media campaigns, SEO, PPC and other marketing options as advised by a reliable ecommerce web development Melbourne service. Build brand awareness to the maximum.

2. Make Your Site Trustworthy

You can add icons or signs that show your website is trustworthy. For this, make sure your site address says it is secure in the address bar. Furthermore, testimonials, reviews and users’ stories will also work in this regard.

3. Provide Product Guides

Product descriptions must be very relevant, should not be too technical, contain simple words and are understandable. Moreover, there should be detailed product guides for every single product to educate the customers better about items.

4. Add Videos for All Products

Some users prefer videos over detailed product descriptions or blogs – pointed out by an ecommerce web development Melbourne expert. For such customers, short videos of 2-3 minutes will suffice. The videos can also be shared on social media sites for user awareness.

5. Use High Quality Images

Many users don’t buy products from ecommerce stores because the images are not clear. Thus it becomes inevitable that ecommerce stores should take high quality images for all products. Images should provide every single product detail.

6. Recognize Mobile-Friendliness

Over 70% users visit websites through their mobile browsers. Recognizing this huge number of customers by making your store site mobile-friendly is helpful in increasing sales and making more profit.

7. Introduce Offers/Discounts

Ecommerce website design development experts say that there should be regular discounts for the customers. Stores can also offer special promotions on festive occasions like Christmas and other events. The offers should be promoted through social media websites.

8. Offer Multiple Payment Solutions

A lot of users are unable to buy products because they cannot make payments due to limited payment solutions. Facilitate every customer and provide them international as well as local payment gateways so that you don’t miss out these clients.

9. Connect with Customers on Social Sites

Social media can be used for connecting with customers, getting their feedback, resolving customer issues and sharing content as well as promotions and offers. Making right use of social sites will definitely improve conversion rate for ecommerce stores.

10. Improve Website Speed and Performance

Website speed and performance do affect the sales of an online store. A low website with poor optimization will have higher bounce rate and low conversion rate. Thus make the site ultrafast, use responsive web designs and keep testing the site to improve its performance.

11. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Customer care is the most important thing for ecommerce sites. Every customer needs to get information, track their orders, make payments and report their issues. By improving customer service and making it exceptional, you can increase your sales manifold.

12. Publish Amazing Content

Content does play the biggest role in an e-commerce store. If the product descriptions or guides have low quality, unimpressive and boring content- no users will buy products. Thus always be creative when it comes to content for blogs, guest posts, ads, marketing, and social media posts.

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