19 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats Which Will Definitely Amaze You

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We live in an era of information technology, where digital marketing enjoys a formidable corporate position.

To design an upper ranked website, you need to know about the importance of digital marketing. Check out the following digital marketing stats.

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  1. Almost 80% of first page results of Google search contain H1 (heading) on their webpage and 50% of first page results use HTTPS.
  2. Google takes the top spot of being used as the most used search engine (77%) (In terms of global marketing share percentage).
  3. 60% of consumers do not know about a Google advert. They do not know when they have seen or passed a Google ad.
  4. 75% of people who have found the local information helpful are more likely to visit the physical location (stores, restaurants etc.)
  5. Content marketing has become a universal tactic to generate traffic. More than 90% of websites (2017 stats.) are using content marketing while 53% of content marketers maintain that the creation of blog posts is their top marketing priority.
  6. For every 1 dollar being spent on ‘AdWords’, businesses are making roughly 2 dollars.
  7. Top five B2B content marketing tactics include social media content, newsletters, website articles, blog posts and events of people.
  8. 60% of marketers create at least one part of content every day.
  9. Most popular internet activities include sending and receiving of emails (79%) and finding information about particular services (75%).
  10. According to 40% of marketers, proving the return on investment (ROI) is the biggest marketing challenge.
  11. To generate web traffic, most common methods include email marketing and search engine optimization while not so common methods include affiliate marketing.
  12. Almost 43% of companies having online stores are experiencing a lot of web traffic from social media.
  13. A multimedia is a powerful tool when it comes to persuading someone to buy any utility off the internet. 64% of consumers say that watching a video on social media influenced them to buy a specific product.
  14. According to Independent (2017), 70% of Instagram posts do not get seen. Via ‘Smart Insights and Clutch’, Facebook provides the highest social value of B2C while LinkedIn is credited for providing the highest value for B2B.
  15. Social media captures over 30% of the online team and all social media platforms are not equally effective when it comes to sound marketing. People of South Asia spend a lot of time on Facebook while people of North America and Europe like to use Snapchat and Instagram, a lot more than Facebook.
  16. User-generated content has a higher conversion rate and over 85% of internet consumers prefer an honest brand personality. Long Island marketing agency can help you get good conversion rates.
  17. It has been estimated that targeted mobile advertisement will grow from 12.4 billion dollars (2016) – 32.4 billion dollars (2021).
  18. Influencer marketing is the emerging marketing strategy. Nowadays, newly formed websites are mobile integrated and use some form of influencer marketing, one way or another.
  19. The 2-second loading criteria to load a website is an easy milestone. These days, many websites are loaded well before the 2 second time limit.

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