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January 2021

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Drone Service Provider

in Technology

With the expansion of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), people are starting to see the benefits of aerial inspections. It reduces the safety risks as well as reduces the time needed to inspect a facility. Are you looking for a commercial drone professional? There are countless drone service providers around the Middle East and the world.…

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When Should You Test for Coronavirus?

in Health

Ideally, you should be able to get tested whenever you want or for whatever reasons. However, the availability of Covid-19 testing in the United States is not the same everywhere. In some places, you need a doctor’s prescription to get yourself tested. In other areas, you can just walk out to a clinic and test…

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Classic Car Inspection: Your Old Car Running Checklist

in Automotive

When your car’s odometer reads above 130,000 Kilometers, no matter you believe it or not, your car has gone into an old category. It’s also a great sign that this is an oldie if you have handed over this car to any member of your family. In both cases, your car goes onto the oldie…

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