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3 Spring Cleaning Tips for the NYC Residents

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Done hibernating in warm blankets with hot cocoa and good books for the winter? Well, roll up your sleeves because not it’s time to work!

Spring Cleaning

The junk pick up NYC says, that during spring the trash or junk multiplies to double!

Reason? Because when spring arrives, immediately everyone starts taking cleaning seriously. You see a whole new world in the spring, the dull environment is replaced with a new, bright and cheerful one so why not turn your house into something cheery too? Cleaning isn’t something you might enjoy but I’m pretty sure that a fully scrubbed house is what you’ll definitely love!

If you’re new at this then we have a few tips which can help you in starting your clean up mission:


1) Analyze Your House

First things first, analyze your house. Check the rooms and bathrooms, every piece of furniture, every dark corner and every extra room like basement, garage, guest, attic etc. Separate the extreme dirty ones from bearable ones or the cleaned ones. Remove all the messy clothes and sheets and if possible, make a list!

2) Start with Your Kitchen

Kitchen is where you cook your meals and spend majority of your time at. Whether eating or cooking or simply staring, kitchen is usually the dirtiest room and requires a quick cleaning because of its thorough usage!

So, start with your kitchen and do the following:

  • Clean your dishwasher.
  • Clean your stove.
  • Clean your cabinets and drawers or cupboards.
  • Throw the extra takeout cups.
  • Throw away everything extra.
  • Use disinfectants on the stove, microwave, washer, floor and everything else.
  • Clean all of your pots and dishes.
  • Mop your floor completely.

3) Move on Towards the Rooms

After you’re done making the kitchen spotless, move towards the rooms. However, start with the room which is used more than the often like living room, den or the main bedroom. Whichever room you select, go with the following pattern:

  • Dust thoroughly.
  • Remove the lamp covers, cushion covers, mattress covers, sheets, rugs and everything else.
  • Wash them completely.
  • Use the sprays required for cleaning TVs, tables and sofas or beds etc.
  • Mop the floor and use good scented cleaners.
  • Lastly, spray it with good scents or simply put up a nice scented candle.


Probably the most difficult of the bunch:

  • Clean all your clothes.
  • Clean all of your sheets and every small cloth you use. This includes rags, dirty ones used for cleaning, mops, and brushes etc.
  • After laundry, clean the machine thoroughly.
  • Wipe out unnecessary water and also check your dryers.


Once done with the insides, move to the exteriors of the house. The junk pick up NYC claims that it’s usually the outsides with more mess than the insides!

  • Clean the windows and doors thoroughly.
  • If anything requires a fix, do so immediately before temperature rises up.
  • Get everything checked like the roof or AC or chimneys etc.
  • Mow your lawn.
  • Remove all the extra garbage.
  • Clean and organize your garage.
  • Clean out your pool.
  • Wash your cars and driveway.

Final Words

Hence keep all the trash safely tucked in trash bags and if you’re a Yorker then let the junk pick up NYC have it collected. There! All cleaning done. Now just like the outside world, your house will be fresh and good as new!

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