5 Apps That Will Help You Increase Productivity at Work

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1. Inkflow

Who doesn’t like to doodle every now and then? But what do you do when you do not have a paper and pen handy for that? Well, you use Inkflow on your phone or tablet. Available for Apple’s iOS ecosystem, Inkflow is an ideal app for visual thinkers like graphic designers and even writers. The app helps you instantly jot down or draw your ideas keeping you productive no matter where you are. Oh! And it’s free to use. So, grab your phone plans and start using.

2. RescueTime

Another great app that is free and can give your productivity a boost. Especially useful for procrastinators or people who get easily distracted from the task at hand, RescueTime keeps track of how you spend your time on the internet. It keeps a record of all the websites you visited and the time you spent browsing them.

The app delivers you a weekly report sharing your activity details, allowing you to evaluate yourself for the time; wasted or spent productively. The app also offers a premium plan that provides an option to block certain websites so you can stick to being productive rather than wander off in the online world. It is available on multiple platforms including PCs, Macs, Linux and Android.

3. Evernote

The next app on this list is called Evernote, and if you haven’t heard of it, you have probably been living under a rock. Okay! Sorry for being offensive but I literally haven’t met a person who hasn’t heard of or used Evernote. To explain it simply, it is a note-taking app, with some added features, that is available on almost all platforms; one of the reasons why I love it and use it with my phone plans.

I have it on my smartphone, my Macbook at home and even on the PC at work. It is capable of voice recording, creating to-do lists, attaching pictures with notes and syncing with all your devices at once. The app is free to use but also has premium plans that offer enhanced security features, offline mode and a feature that allows you to share your created notes with friends and family.

4. Focusbooster

Focus booster is one of my most favorite apps on this list and most phone plans users have it. This app is created on the basis of the Pomodoro Technique to enable you to maintain and sustain productivity for a longer duration of time. The app is useful for people that work on mentally exhausting tasks to earn their livelihood. It keeps you motivated and focused by informing you to take short breaks while working which in turn increases your focus allowing you to stay productive for long-term (the Pomodoro Technique). It is available for mobile Apple devices (Macs not included) and Windows.

5. Lift

Whatever your goal in life is or what it may be just for the day, you always need some sort of support and encouragement from friends, family or other people involved in your life to move forward and achieve them. The lift does exactly just that for you. The app shares community habits plans led by experts and even allows you to add custom goals.

It records and tracks the progress of your goals and when you get stuck, it provides you with peer coaching. Maybe all this is not making any sense to you right now and believe me it is because of the innovative nature of this app. But if you wish to get things done, this is the app for you. It is free and available on Android and iOS enabled devices. That’s a great use of your Telstra business plans iPhone right from the start.

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