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5 Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms You Should Know About

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To purchase something as unconventional as the Bitcoin itself, you need to find the best way to buy Bitcoin from reliable sources.

This article brings to you five of the most globally renowned cryptocurrency exchanges, and it is possible that the alert for cryptocurrency you want to be subscribed to leads you to an update on these exchanges. Join us as we count down the good (and the few questionable aspects) regarding these exchanges.

1. Coinbase

This is one of the most globally renowned exchanges, and rightly so. Its secure interface and limited trading methods (which is classified as a con in some areas) actually provide it with the extra security that allows it to flourish. It is by far the most popular exchange/broker service in the USA, UK, and Canada.

Coinbase uses the GDAX interface which takes some time for most individuals to get comfortable with, but because of the low transaction fee of 1%, reasonable customer support, and mutually generated benefits such this exchange tops our list.


The best way to buy Bitcoin has a lot to do with how beneficial the transaction turns out to be for you because then your crypto wallet and investment get associated with that exchange. provides great mobile support applications for both Android phones and iPhones.

For people who are novice traders and are unable to trade on the professional desk, offers them the option to use their brokerage service and buy directly from fiat currency, which costs roughly the same.

3. Coinsquare

This is an exchange which has been developed along the lines of the New York stock exchange, which boosts its credibility by a significant margin. Coinsquare has had a great international reputation in the countries in which it operates.

This exchange is defined by the extra security measures developers have established against DDoS attacks and service disruptions which can cause a problem with protection of the finances of customers. It also boasts a very novice-friendly interface.

4. Bitstamp

This European exchange offers one of the best ways to buy Bitcoin anywhere around the world. Albeit it is a relatively expensive account to maintain because of the high deposit fee required, it is incredible in terms of providing customer support because it is one of the foundational crypto exchanges all over the world.

With its constantly developing technology, Bitstamp perhaps the most favored exchange when it comes to making large transactions. The Bitstamp helpline also operates 24/7, which is an additional benefit for many beginners.

5. Coinmama

Among all the great exchanges in our carefully picked countdown, it is important to note that Coinmama has perhaps the best beginner’s user interface among all. It is the best service for straightforward transactions which do not involve incredible amounts.

Coinmama is also one of the oldest services and it operates in almost all countries where the Bitcoin is found but is limited by regional proximity because there are some aspects of the application which only work in particular countries such as the US.

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