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5 Myths About Recycling Your Garbage Busted

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We all believe in to haul away junk because isn’t it great to put the waste materials to productive use and make the waste materials recyclable? Whilst it is, of course, great to take the initiative to now waste ‘waste’ but rather bring it to recyclable use – there are many false myths about recycling that people believe in. We are on a mission to bust all such recycling myths!

Myth # 1 – Everything recycled is sent to China

So do you really believe that everything that you give away is recycled and sent to China so that these Chinese can create new things out of them? Whilst this is a great fact to believe in for the peace of mind, there is little truth to this. Yes, we agree that everything does seem to come with a Made in China tag but your recycled waste surely has little role to play in it!

Myth # 2 – A single person recycling will not make a difference

People believe that there is no difference that a single person can make when recycling items. But there is little truth to this. It is after all a drop by drop that ultimately creates a full sea. So this is the important thing to remember. You should be playing your own individual role in recycling without thinking about what others are doing. A recent survey reveals that the newspaper recycled by 1 American on daily basis for a year can save up to 2 million trees to be cut down. So 1 person can save 2 million trees? That is surely a big thing!

Myth # 3 – Only The coffee cup’s lid is recyclable

Most of us take coffee as takeaway because the majority of us run late for work in the morning. But have you ever thought that the entire coffee cup, yes both plastic and paper, is recyclable? We often put the plastic lid away for later recycle but throw away the paper cup thinking it is not recyclable. This is not true. The cup is as equally recyclable as the plastic lid. The myth that plastic can be recycled easily but paper cannot be a big myth that needs to be busted.

Myth # 4 – Traditional batteries are better than recyclable ones

There is a general belief that it is better to use the traditional alkaline batteries because they contain less chemical and cause less harm to the environment but is that really the case? Rechargeable batteries might have more chemicals but they are recyclable and that makes all the difference in the world.

Myth # 5 – Piles of landfills are great for natural decomposition

The piles of material that is left on the mountain of garbage and trash decompose on its own but all of it? Not really. In a pile of 20 kg of wastes, only 30 percent of it will decompose whilst the remaining always needs to be manually removed or it fills up the land without reason. So you are not doing a favor to the environment by filling up the lands. That’s why haul away junk services are so important.

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