5 Surprising Ways to Use Throw Blankets At Your Home

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You can’t swipe past a Pinterest page these days without seeing soft throw blankets on the backs of couches, atop club seats, and on the sides of the beds. There’s no escaping these plush home accessories, which surround various decor schemes in their plush coziness, including farmhouse modern and casually contemporary.

And joining in on this fabulous trend must be easy, right? Isn’t it easy to put a blanket on a chair?

There is an art of using throw blankets in the house, it turns out. I have learned how to choose the best color and style for your cozy blanket and how to show it in the most glamorous way possible. Before you Google’ throw blankets on sale‘, I’m gonna teach you these skills.

Make Them Pop

A throw blanket’s purpose is to add texture and warmth to a room’s color scheme while also adding a contrasting or matching shade. This accessory improves the furniture, so put in a new hue as an accent or blend with current ones.

For neutral color palettes, use taupe, black, or charcoal gray, and warm colors that pop, such as deep orange, mustard yellow, or dark red.

Keep with solid colors instead of patterns because patterns don’t match well with most rooms.

Feel The Weave

Alpaca is the ultimate in luxurious throws if you can afford it.

It’s the perfect fabric because it’s warm enough for winter but light enough for spring and summer. It’s as fluffy as cashmere, seven times colder than sheep’s fur, naturally hypoallergenic, and water-resistant.

Create a warm bed

Throws for the bedroom may be folded horizontally at the bed’s foot, used as a bed runner, or draped over a bench for convenient entry. Knitted blankets are in style right now, so don’t be afraid to use them as boudoir accessories.

On the bunk, these chunky looks are fluffy, oversized, and beautifully cozy—and they’ll give you that iconic Danish sense of peace.

Faux fur fits well here, and it’s an excellent way to soften a modern space. To match a luxurious couch, use Belgian linen with fringe.

However, as a spread, don’t use an old quilt or stuffed blanket. Thickness, as well as everything pilled or ragged-looking, is your enemy.

Shield Worn Furniture

Throw blankets may cover many home decor offenses, such as pet hair piles, torn cloths, and scratched furniture legs.

If you can’t bear to part from a favorite chair and can’t afford to reupholster it, the right throw can hide the flaw while still adding to the chair’s appeal.

A throw can even perform a little visual magic if you’re trying to sell your house.

Dark, overstuffed furniture may be designed to seem lighter with a light-colored, thin blanket, making the room appear larger.

Drape or Fold

There is a proper way to organize your throw blankets (no, you don’t just throw one on the sofa and call it a day).

My wife folds a faux fur throw blanket waiter-style (lengthwise) for the end of a chaise or bunk while I drape it over chairs and sofas. So, choose your own style!

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