5 Things To Consider Before Synthetic Turf Installation

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Lawns require quite a lot of work and attention in terms of maintenance. Feeding, mowing, edging, weeding; it can all get quite time-consuming and frankly also overwhelming. Many of us are now switching to science to fulfill our needs and save time. Artificial grass is all that anyone is talking about now. Synthetic turf installation does seem like a task but the results are worth the effort. It’s comfortable, drains like the real stuff and is very durable; theirs is nothing to complain about.

Following are some factors that you will need to consider if you are considering synthetic turf installation.

  1. Garden Size

For those amongst us with huge garden spaces, synthetic turf installation may not be the best option. The cost for the task will be a concern; however, if you still believe artificial turf is the solution, you must consult a garden designer, professional gardener or landscaper, first. They will guide you well regarding your concerns and instigate ideas that may be beneficial to you in terms if decision making.

  1. Wildlife Concerns

Gardens are always infested with insects, birds, etc. when considering synthetic turf installation, it is important that you think of ways to attract wildlife to your garden. Insect houses, bright flowers, rocky crevices, water features, and a water source are some of the things you must consider before the installation process is finalized.

  1. Natural Look

To ensure that your lawn looks natural and not a football field, you will have to incorporate imperfections into the mix. Artificial grass designed with brown flecks or brown roots peeking through look particularly real. Find the one you like most in DIY stores or from gardening experts as they offer a variety of hues. Make sure you see it displayed on a large space before finalizing.

  1. Garden Drainage

Your turf will need a good drainage supply because otherwise, water will rest on the surface in the form of puddles. Professional landscapers install artificial turn over a layer of permeable mesh or membrane that also stops weeds from taking root. Drainage from the surface must be even and should be a matter of special concern in areas that are prone to flooding. The best solution is to install a layer of permeable mesh underneath your synthetic turf.

  1. Grass Height and Density

The overall look of artificial turn bases itself on two primary concerns: height and density. Everyone wants a freshly mowed lawn with lush, spiky grass of just the right height. If it is too short, it will end up looking bare and if it is too tall, the grass will bend over itself and look messy. The ideal height for turf is somewhere between 30mm and 40mm. Turf is normally retailed as mid-weight, lightweight, and luxury. This labeling serves as an indication for density. Before your purchase, also make sure to ask about weight per-square meter and find the best price.

Keep these factors in mind before you consider synthetic turf installation.

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