5 Things to Know About Car Tail Lights

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Tail lights are positioned at the back of the cars. They serve an important purpose. You will see the tail lights turn red with brighter appearance when the car is stopped as compared to less dim when the car is moving. Following are some of the important things drivers and car owners should know about tail lights.

1. Safety of Tail Lights

The tail lights are placed at the back of the car. There is a very solid reason for this. When the car is moving, the tail lights are not bright. It shows the driver behind your car that you are moving at a particular speed. But when the car stops, tail lights become brighter. It indicates and informs the other drivers your car is not moving. So they will care about it and adjust their speed. Otherwise it can lead to collisions. 

2. How Tail Lights Work?

Tail light bulb work with the headlights of the car. They are also connected to the same battery. Whenever you turn on the headlights, rear tail light is also turned on. So the drivers will not have to worry about the tail lights and turn them on particularly. Moreover, in automatic cars, when the car is switched on, all lights including the tail lights get turned on. 

3. Types of Tail Lights 

When it comes to the tail lights, various types are used. We are going to talk about them and how you can differentiate between them. First type if the LED lights which are embedded in the cars. You will find LED lights in cars manufactured after 200. They are durable, cost-efficient and consume a lot less energy than other tail lights.

The second type of tail lights is Xenon light. They use a filament. You will find these tail lights in cars that were manufactured in 1990s. The best thing about these lights is that they are very strong as compared to other tail lights. Last type of tail lights is called Halogen lights. They are the oldest in the cars and were the first ever used as tail lights. This component does not burn on to produce high temperature for light. 

4. Purpose of Tail Lights 

The purpose of the tail light bulb is very clear and that is to offer safety to your car as well as the drivers and passengers. Tail lights are added in back of the cars to avoid accidents and inform the drivers behind your car about the position of your vehicle. It becomes really important during night, in rain and stormy weather conditions.

5. Taking Care of Tail Lights 

Drivers should be very careful about the tail lights. As they serve a very essential purpose, they should be repaired when they are broken. In bad weather, you will need them badly. That is always protect them and take care of the tail lights. 


Rear tail light are added at back of the cars and they serve a very essential purpose of safety. They inform drivers behind your car about the status and position of your vehicle.

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