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5 Tips For Traveling To Paris Alone

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Paris- the city of delights, the city of love! The city that is crammed with highly valuable culture and historic heritage seem to be calling you. Perhaps, the reason why you’re still single and visiting the city alone is because it’s romantic air is waiting to kiss you double?

Well, it is safe to say that Paris brims with beauty and magnificence- from the Eiffel tower to its cozy bistros, everything is worth seeing. So, are you ready to visit the city? Below are some tips for traveling to Paris alone that can really improve the quality of time you spend there:

1) Go Street Style

Travelling can be expensive, especially when you are traveling to Paris alone and don’t have anyone to split the bills with. So, make sure to keep your vacation street-style. Try lodging in the local guest houses, B&Bs or even rent a hostel apartment instead of staying in a high-end, five-star hotel. Also, make sure to eat at the local cafes, bistros, and markets- you’ll find a vast cultural variety and that too, affordable!

2) To-Do List

Always make a to-do list while you’re in Paris. The city of love has so much to offer that you just might end up missing one place or another. So, for every day, make a to-do/to-do list and add all the places such as Disneyland, Notre-Dame de Paris, The Louvre, Eiffel Tower and other places on your list and keep checking them off once you’ve visited. The more you are organized, the more you can make of this vacation.


Make sure all your devices are charged and intact! With the tech taking over the world, you can easily navigate your way through Paris using GPRS. But for that, all your devices need to be charged- or just keep a power bank with you. Your gadgets also play a vital role in making this trip memorable. And since Paris is the center of aesthetics, you definitely need your cameras now more than ever! So, when you’re traveling to Paris alone, you can always count on your electronics to be your constant companion.

4) Dress Smart

When you’re traveling to Paris alone, trust me, you want to dress smartly. And no- it’s not only for catching someone’s eye (although that doesn’t sound too bad). But, Paris has a different fashion trend and you need to keep up with it too not look like a tourist. So pack blazers, slack, and scarves. You’ll be packing lighter and classier, just the way the French do it.

5) Public Transport

Public transport is less pricey and more fun! You are bound to get tired in Paris because of the manifold of places that there is to visit. So ease up your trip by taking the metro without having to pay a fortune for your ride. However, you can also consider booking a reliable Paris car service in case if you feel uncomfortable to use public transport.

In the end, interact with the locals, buy art and souvenirs and make the most out of your trip while traveling to Paris alone. And oh, don’t forget to take lots of pictures to encapsulate the moment!


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