5 Types of Catering Services To Choose

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Are you searching for a local catering service? People hire catering services for special days or events like birthday parties, wedding events, corporate events, business lunch, etc. Hiring their service is an easy task yet very confusing. This is because catering services include different types of caterers. Each type is different from the other in terms of price, procedures, and events. We will be looking upon some of the types of catering that might help you decide the right catering for you. Also, the hiring process is easy, thanks to their catering websites!

1. Wedding Catering

Nobody cooks their own on their wedding day. Thus, wedding catering service is needed for every wedding event. During the winter, most wedding catering companies are in demand because the majority of weddings happen in the colder months. A wedding function is a serious responsibility. From the decoration to the dining experience, everything has to be perfect. A wedding reception mainly focuses on the food offered to the guest. This panics a lot of wedding planners because they are constantly under pressure to deliver delicious food to each and every guest. The presentation and taste of this food need to be up to mark to impress the guests. The menus should be diverse like the guests invited to the event. Hiring a caterer can reassure you to pay attention to other tasks and leave the dining responsibilities to the caterer. A wedding caterer’s job is to be in charge of food, drinks, and table settings.

2. Corporate catering

Corporate events are small gatherings with professional people. The events include dealing with meetings, promotional campaigns, conferences, etc. As corporate events are formal, they require corporate caterers who understand how the events work and which food and drink items will suit the theme of the event. Therefore hiring an inappropriate corporate events catering service can make the events dull and ruin your reputation as a host.

3. Social events

Social events include birthdays, baby showers, retirement parties, anniversaries, etc. These functions are much more easy-going and warmer than corporate events. Most of the time the guests are mainly a closed group of family and friends, so the celebration is fun and frolic. Caterers often enjoy working at a social event because of this. But many things can go wrong if the caterer doesn’t pay attention, for instance, overlooking people’s needs, adding ingredients that might trigger allergies to the guests, etc. Also, considering the cultural and religious differences is important. So, discuss all the points with a caterer before hiring them.

4. Food truck catering

People hire food trucks catering for occasions like outdoor events or functions with food vendors. This is an effective system of food catering especially when your event doesn’t consist of a huge crowd or you don’t want boring and monotonous indoor parties. You can use a food truck catering for your garden parties as well. The benefit of getting a food truck catering is, you don’t need a large team of caterers to work. A group of three or four staff should be enough to prepare and serve the food. You can’t certainly go wrong with food trucks as their food selection has something for everyone. From fancy to light food, the range is quite diverse.

5. Restaurant catering

If you are hosting a more advanced and serious event, hiring restaurant catering will be the best option. If you are hosting the event inside a hotel, the hotel management may recommend you, restaurant caterers. Some hotels also offer a catering service as a package and thus it will save you from all the troubles of choosing and hiring a catering service. They can also provide outdoor locations if that’s your event theme.

Remember, a good caterer service always delivers excellent food and service to keep their clients happy, so never settle for less. Now that you know about the types of formal and party caterers, it will be easier for you to select one according to your taste and need.

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