5 Most Underrated Places You Must Visit In Paris

5 Most Underrated Places You Must Visit In Paris

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When you go to visit Paris for a vacation, naturally you would want to visit the most famous attractions and must-see places there. But do you know that there is a lot more to Paris than just the Eiffel Tower, The Disney land, and The Louvre?

Paris is a city where there are attractions at every nook and corner. There are many beautiful places for enjoying and sightseeing which is not famous, or you could say the underrated as they are not frequently visited by tourists. These places are easily accessible by metro and Paris private car service. listed below are some of the top underrated places which you must visit in Paris.

  1. Gaite Lyrique

If you are visiting with kids, then this is the best place for you. It is a museum for kids and adults both but is built in the 19th-century music hall but portrays the digital age, so a blend of classic culture with modern age is a great combination to experience. It has many activities for children as well as performance and shows, plus a huge free for all library to visit.

  1. Le Ballon De Paris

Visit Paris and see the whole cite through a balloon ride and you can see all the famous must visit places. The balloon is almost tall as a huge building and beware of dizziness when the balloon gets off the cable and soon you will be high up in the air viewing the entire city. Your kids will surely have a great time as the balloon will sway all over the city.

  1. Les Bouquinists

A vacation is incomplete without buying souvenirs and to visit Paris and not buy souvenirs is not fair. Visit this exciting souvenir shop on the border of the river Sienne and you will not leave empty handed guaranteed. It is big souvenir shop which has all kinds of souvenirs for everyone. It is better if you travel there by Paris private car service so you can visit all the adjoining places as well and enjoy.

  1. Restaurants at The Flea Market

Paris is no doubt a very expensive place to visit. These restaurants at the flea market are a must visit the place, with cuisines offered from the world over along with exceptional taste and affordable prices. It is better to visit these restaurants from Saturday to Monday so that you can even see the flea market and purchase some stuff. The restaurants are traditionally designed with many antique shops and traditional stuff to buy nearby so that you can have a full day of food and shopping.

  1. Churches and Museums

Paris is the home to cultural museums and churches. If you are the person with interest in traditional building and exceptional art and construction, then visit these beautiful and architectural museums and churches which are:

  • Sacre-Coeur Church
  • Sainte Chappelle
  • Conciergerie Castle
  • La Madeleine
  • Le Carreau Du Temple
  • Musee Rodin
  • Palais De Tokyo

It is advisable to hire a Paris private car service and visit all the museums, churches and temples in one day and take lots of pictures of the beautiful and intricately constructed architecture.

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