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6 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About Kia Motors

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Kia Motors is one of the leading automobile brands in the world. The company has expanded its network to Asian countries too and seems to attract a good number of car lovers in every market. The company has an interesting history and many people don’t know well about Kia. So in this post, we will include some amazing and lesser-known facts about Kia Motors.

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  1. It might be surprising for many people to learn that Kia Motors is a sub-brand of Hyundai Motor Group. Hyundai brand owns two other companies, Kia Motors and Genesis Motor Group that work on passenger vehicles and cars. After Volkswagen, Toyota and General Motors, this is the 4th largest car manufacturing company in the world.
  2. Kia Motors was founded back in 1944 in South Korea and initially, it works as a steel company for bicycle parts. It is commonly known as the oldest car making a brand of South Korea. The company also introduced the first ever bicycle in 1951 and also worked on Honda motorcycles and Mazda trucks under license in 1957. The contract was further extended and the company started making Fiats and other vehicles as well.
  3. Kia Motors entered the US 50 years after its foundation was laid. It was 1992 when the company established its office in the US with a name of Kia Motors America. In the start, the company launched Sephia and Sportage models that helped it become stronger and more popular among the Americans. Sportage is still believed to be one of the finest cars by Kia Motors in the US.
  4. Many people don’t know that Ford Motors once tried to purchase the company after its bankruptcy. However, Ford failed and Hyundai managed to buy the 50% shares of the company. Now Kia Motors is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group and Hyundai still owns 38% shares of Kia group. If Ford had managed to win the bid, it might have been a part of Ford now but Hyundai offered a better price and managed to clinch the bid.
  5. The company when developed its units in Europe, it also decided to hire ex Audi designer Peter Schreyer and his arrival proved lucky for the brand. He totally changed the design style and offered tiger nose shape. This design was appreciated and helped the company sell more units and its sales increased by leaps and bounds. Later, Peter Schreyer was made the chief designer in Hyundai Motor Group and president as well.
  6. In 2016, Kia Motors sold over 3 million units in a year and it was referred to as the best-selling figure by a group of the car manufacturer. This helped the company increase its network to other countries and Kia Soul also became one of the most loved and most sold cars by the South Korean carmaker. This was the best sale ever and after that company has emerged as a leading car manufacturer. Now it manufactures car of all categories and variants.
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