6 Ways to Make Packing and Moving Fun for Your Kids

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One of the most difficult things that comes with moving is getting your kids excited about this important phase in their life. Since they have already made friends, learned to love their school (hopefully!), and have an established routine, the idea of starting all over again elsewhere is something they won’t relish.

Making the pre- and post-move process fun can help your kids feel more positive and excited about your upcoming relocation. By following the right tips, you can even get them involved in the relocation process – something that will make the move less tedious and stressful for everyone.

Making the Move Enjoyable for the Kids

Trusted interstate removalists share below six tried-and-tested ways of making packing and moving fun even for children:

1. Be excited and optimistic about the move

A move can make anyone anxious and sad, regardless of age.

As such, even if you have some doubts and fears about your upcoming move, avoid showing or telling these to your kids. You can tell them you share their worries and trepidation but always end these conversations on a positive note.

Focus on the bright side of moving. If you will be moving to a bigger home with a backyard and a pool, talk about the fun things you can do post-move. Tell your kids about the new places you will visit after the move as well such as well-known parks, water parks, museums, and other popular tourist destinations and landmarks.

And when everyone is packing or doing other moving-related chores, tell jokes or find something funny that everyone can have a good laugh about. By staying happy and upbeat throughout the moving process, your kids will follow your lead. They will then have a more positive attitude towards your upcoming relocation as well.

2. Keep the music playing and the food coming

While everyone is hard at work, play some fast, lively music in the background. Throw in some tunes that your kids love as well.

With up-tempo music blasting from the speakers, everyone will feel more inspired and invigorated to work. It will also make the whole process of packing go a lot faster.

But don’t simply feed your kids’ ears; make sure their tummies are full as well. Ask them what snacks and beverages they would like while packing.

For lunch or dinner, eat at or order food from their favorite restaurants. Keep in mind that they won’t be able to eat from these establishments for possibly a long time after you move. Help them remember the great food and memories they have of these restaurants by eating there or ordering takeaway. 

3. Turn packing into a game

Kids love to play. Use this to your advantage to get your little ones to pack their items.

Let your kids pack all their belongings. Tell them that the first one who finishes packing his or her bedroom properly wins a prize. You can also give prizes to your other kids as long as they packed their items properly.

By turning packing into a game, you will make it fun for everybody. More importantly, you will get them to pack their belongings. And this will allow you to cross this off from your to-do list.

4. Reward your kids with small surprises

Keep your children motivated to pack or clean their room by hiding little surprises in their bedrooms. Place stickers, a wrapped cookie, or a small bar of chocolate inside their dressers or any area that they need to organize or clean.

After moving, encourage your kids to explore your new home by placing small rewards in various sections of the house. Tell them what they can find when they check or look at a particular room.

You can also organize a treasure hunt to boost your kids’ interest in exploring their new abode. Create a map and add some riddles they have to solve to make the game more interesting. Lastly, make sure you mention there is a great prize waiting for them at the end of the hunt.

5. Make the first night in your new home fun

Once the removalists have gone, don’t tell your kids to set up their bedroom just yet. To ease their feelings of loneliness, pitch a tent in your living room and have an indoor camping experience together.

With everyone sleeping in one room, no one will feel alienated. It is also a great way for everyone to bond and stay closer after the move.

If you have already unpacked some boxes, encourage your kids to make box forts. They will have plenty of fun doing this. Tell them that they can also use the other cartons you have as soon as you are done unpacking. This is something your little ones will look forward to since they will be able to increase the size of their fort.

6. Allow them to set up their own rooms

Your kids will have an easier time adjusting to their new home if you let them set up their own bedrooms. Allow them to arrange the furniture according to their preference. Let them decorate their rooms as well.

However, make sure you help your kids when they need a hand. There will be certain things they won’t be able to do. Minimize their frustrations by always being there when they need you.

When your kids are less stressed about your upcoming move, you will feel better and less worried about the whole process as well. As such, follow the tips above to experience a stress-free and enjoyable relocation.

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