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7 Biking Myths That Have Nothing To Do With Reality

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There are lots of things you will hear a cyclist say but not everything is true. Of course, you should listen to good advice but there is lots of it that are just crap or made-up stuff. If you are a beginner, looking forward to picking a bike from the Specialized bikes online store, check out the common biking myths that you shouldn’t believe:

  1. Eat Lots of Carbs the Night Before Your Ride

It’s a great idea to fuel yourself with pasta or other carbs the night bight before your big ride but too much of it can cause bloating and this will make you seriously comfortable on the road. So, have a balanced meal and get enough food to keep you going the next day. The lighter you feel, the better you will ride.

  1. Cycling Is Dangerous

The bicycle facilities have less traffic as compared to roads where all sorts of vehicles are running. So, you are less likely to meet an accident on the road. Biking is a safe activity.

  1. Pump Your Tires as Hard as You Can

There was a time when setting up a tire for your bike was simple. You had narrow tires and you were told to pump as hard as you can. This wisdom is of no use now because it can cause a reduction in the rolling resistance. You are better off with wide tires that have lower pressure if you want resistant.

  1. You Must Be in a Good Shape to Ride

Don’t ever believe this one. Even professionals weren’t complete athletes when they cycled for the first time. As you start biking at your own pace, you develop a style and eventually, your endurance improves.

  1. A Cyclist Should Always Stay on The Right Side of The Roads

So, you picked the bike you wanted from the Specialized bikes online store and now every other person is advising you to stick to the right side of the road. The truth is, if you stick to the right side in traffic, it can lead to more accidents. Drivers might not notice a cyclist in curbs which can cause a collision. If you are going to stick to the right side of the road to stay safe, make sure you keep a distance of 36 inches.

  1. Don’t Wear Gloves in Winters

You will hear lots of enthusiasts say ride without gloves to develop resistance to cold. This is complete nonsense. You would definitely want to feel your hands while biking so make sure you pick a pair of warm gloves before you go out in the cold.

  1. Get Yourself the Lightest Bike

Yes, a lighter bike can help you go faster but it is just going to break your bank since it is made from some very expensive material. Plus, maintaining a light bike is expensive.

Next time you hear someone say something absurd about biking, don’t believe them right away. Do your research and don’t let anything people say keep you from your passion for cycling. Go buy yourself a bike from the Specialized bikes online store if you haven’t. You will find a plenty of cheap specialized bikes model available there to choose from.

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