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7 Important Hair Extension Care Tips

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When you invest a hefty amount to get hair extensions, then you also need to ensure about the aftercare of your hair extensions so that the last you for a long time. If you will not take care of your hair extensions then they will turn into a dry, brittle and rough mess which will not look good on your hair. So, the more you care about your hair extensions the more time they will last you. Below are top tips for your clip on or bonded hair extensions.

1. Brush the Right Way

You will need to brush excessively on your hair extensions. Brushing will de-tangle your hair extensions. the right way to brush your hair extensions is to start from the bottom towards the top. Brush very gently, making sure not to do rough brushing. If you have a clip on hair extensions then unclip them and brush them and keep them safe in their box when not in use.

2. Care While Sleeping

Your hair tends to get most dry and detangled while sleeping due to the friction created with hair and pillow. If you own clip on hair extensions, then unclip them when you sleep and if you have bonded extensions the brush them properly and tie them loosely in a braid or a ponytail so that they do not get tangles.

3. Care While Showering

Your natural hair is attached to your roots and is prone to oil and sebum which is produced from the scalp and that is you shampoo your hair to clean them. Whereas the hair extensions are not attached to your scalp so they do not get oily. Too much washing and product application will destroy them and reduce their life. It is advisable to wash your clip on hair extension after wearing them 15 to 20 times or when there is a lot of product build up. For hair extensions that have been naturally bonded to your hair, you should use products specialized for hair extensions and also use masks and treatments to keep them soft and moisturized.

4. Dry Naturally

Your hair extensions are naturally shiny and soft at ends. Using a lot of heat products will make them lose their natural shine and suppleness and make them dry and damaged. It is best to let your hair extensions dry naturally so that they do not get damaged.

5. Cover Them Up

Do not expose your hair extensions to too much sun or dust as they will get dirty quickly. Also if you regularly go for a swim them cover them up with a swimming cap and if you need to go out in the sun a lot then cover them with a scarf or a bandana to protect them.

6. Heat Styling Products

Be careful while blow-drying your hair or straightening or curling your air extensions. make sure not apply too much pressure on the bonds of your hair extensions as it could severely damage them and they will not last long.

7. Follow Up on Your Appointment

Regularly visit your stylist for regular treatments and follow up on your hair extensions to make them last a long, and keep them looking healthy and fresh.

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