7 Important Questions to Ask the Upholstery Repair Service

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Getting your furniture upholstered, reupholstering your furniture or buying a brand new one is not an easy task. You will have to search around many furniture shops, choose a design to your liking, the fabric of your choice, the filling and the material. After that, you will have to decide the total cost whether it comes in your budget or not. Mainly you will have to look for durability, affordability, maintenance and lastly the aesthetic appeal. You may have all the necessary info regarding custom upholstery near me, but still, it will be smart and wise to ask a few necessary questions from the salesperson concerning the commercial upholstery repair furniture.

  1. How long will the whole process take?

Reupholstery or upholstering furniture may take as long as 1 to 4 weeks depending on the amount of work you want to be done. If it is a huge sofa with the fillings and change of fabric then it will take 2 to 3 weeks while if it is only cushions or a few chairs then it will take less.

  1. Do you repair the whole furniture or just upholster?

Sometimes the furniture is so old that it needs to be repaired before getting it upholstered. The repairing may include the cracks, joint, polish, scratches and screws. Some upholstering companies offer complete repair, while some companies get it repaired from professional in this field while some do not. You can choose accordingly whether you want to repair yourself then give for upholstering or hand over the job completely.

  1. Do you offer complete customization?

Most upholstering companies only customize in the form of fabric print and design and can armrests and backrest or additional cushions. However, the furniture cannot be completely changed. If you get a new furniture made then you can get it customized to your liking.

  1. Will you pick and drop my furniture?

The upholstering companies offer to pick up and drop services for your furniture. They will come and pick the furniture from your home and when the work is complete, they will drop it off. However, you will have to make sure to remove additional furniture in the path as they will not remove your other furniture. If you want to save your costs, you can pick and drop yourself.

  1. Should I buy fabric from your or from the market?

That is entirely up to you where you buy the fabric from. You can also utilize the fabric lying around at your home. But it is suggested to purchase the fabric from where you are upholstering, because you might buy less from the market or you might get it at a higher price from the market than the upholstering shop, or sometimes there are many flaws in the fabric which you do not notice which will eventually cost you more, but if you buy from upholstering shop they will exchange the flawed one without any additional cost.

  1. What will be the final look?

The final look will be a fresh upholstered piece of furniture. The upholsters may try to retain the old look but it will look a new and improved piece of your furniture.

  1. Is this the final cost?

You will obviously have to bargain and bring the cost under your budget. If the cost is a lot then you will have to cut down your customizations and look for other affordable upholsters.

If you’re looking for commercial upholstery repair, you may get better deals. Happy shopping!

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