8 Towing Tips for Your Chevy Pickup Truck

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When it comes to towing a truck with trailers or other vehicles, certain things should be learned. Following are some useful tips in this regard to help out Chevrolet and other pickup truck owners.

1. Know the Ratings

Before you start towing the truck with other vehicles, you should know about the compatibility of your Chevy truck. The automakers do not share such details with the owners. So the truck owners should find out about the compatibility. Without knowing this, towing can be dangerous and may lead to accidents.

2. Pack Some Muscle

Make sure the truck you are going to tow with a trailer has a powerful engine. If it does not, you have got to make it powerful and strong enough to pull the vehicle and carry the required weight. This is a detailed work and for this, you will have to improve the engine and upgrade it as well.

3. Make Use of Technology

Nowadays, the automakers also add features and new technology which is just usable for the towing purpose. This sort of technology is very helpful and provides support when you tow the trucks with a trailer or other vehicles. The truck owners should make good use of the new towing features of their truck.

4. Hitching Up

For hitching, the right tools and essential are needed. These include the trailer and a hitch. The trailer should be safe. Hitch is also important as it keeps both the vehicles connected. No mistakes should be made in this regard otherwise it can prove dangerous. You can also look into Chevy accessories like swing away arm scooter, portable anchor plate, and hitch height adapter.

5. Be Confident

As you tow the truck with the trailer successfully, you should test drive. It will help you find out if there is any issue and how comfortable you feel in driving with the trailer towed to your Chevy truck. It can prevent possible accidents and fix the issues before they become too troublesome.

6. Check the Brakes 

The brakes of the truck should be checked before towing. They must be working fine. Moreover, the drivers, sometimes, need a backup of brakes with the trailers. For this, they can improve and make the brakes more powerful with little tweaks. A proportional brake controller is a good option which offers automatic braking features. 

7. Pack Lightly 

Extra care is needed when it comes to packing and carrying the weight. Drivers should know the capacity and power of the truck engine and the weight should be added accordingly. Carrying more weight makes it hard for the drivers to maintain the balance and control the truck.

8. Keep the Truck Slow 

Lastly, the drivers should believe in ‘slow and steady wins the race’ while they are carrying a trailer with their trucks. Speed should be moderate and control should be perfect. It will avoid any eventuality or accidents. You should ensure the safety of everyone on the road.


When drivers tow their Chevy trucks with trailers or other vehicles, they should be careful. Brakes should be checked, compatibility needs to be tested and extra care is required while driving. Also, use of Chevy accessories like rear bumper guards among other is helpful.

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