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An Inspirational List of Record Maker Female Cyclists

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People these days are striving to lose weight, what if you come to know of a trick which would not only help you to lose weight but also make some records. This trick is nothing but our childhood acquaintance i.e. cycling. Yeah, records have been and still can be made in this area. Your cheap Trek mountain bikes are your friend.

Read on if you are interested in knowing those female cyclists who have made records in engrossing the distances and circumnavigation.

Going the Distance

This is a way in which people set a certain time limit and, in that time, they cover a distance which already has been decided.

  1. Amenda Coker

This American, a female cyclist was featured in Guinness book of world records for covering 139,362.34km (86,573.2 miles) by cycling around 12 hours a day. What even makes her a heroic personality is a courage she gained after her spinal and brain injury.

  1. Janet Davison

A British cyclist who has an astonishing record of covering 6,455km (4,010 miles) within a month.

  1. Evelyn Stevens

A current American female cyclist who holds a record of completing 47.98km (29.81 miles) in Colorado in February 2016.

Fastest Women on Two Wheels

Here starts a list of astonishing female cyclists who were steadfast in cycling.

  1. Rachel Atherton

A world champion who clocked at 75km/h (45.4mph) in the UCI DH World cup in the year 2016. She was not only the fastest cyclist among females but also among males.

  1. Denise Mueller

The fastest female cyclist who speeded to 237.78km/h (147.75mph) in a race which took place in Utah.

Adventurers and Explorers

This is the most interesting category for all those of you who cycle for the love of cycling. These female cyclists rode to the areas where cycling is not an easy task but their passion kept them going and reached their destiny, i.e. their dreams.

  1. Paola Gianotti

She became the fastest cyclist in circumnavigation as she completed her journey in 144 days, starting off on 8th of March and ending on 30th of November.

  1. Juliana Buhring

You cannot get enough of her achievements as she circumnavigated from 23rd of July to December 2012 (which made 152 days) without any support and sponsorship. Her story does not end here, she then participated in two races too.

  1. Maria Leijerstam

Don’t know her. Bad for you. She is the first person to cycle to the South Pole. It took her 10 days, 14 hours and 56 minutes to cover 638km (396.43 miles) from the Ross Ice Shelf to the Pole.

  1. Jeanne Louise Calment

This woman does not fall in any category made by the people or the organizations, she made her own which is ‘the world’s oldest person to ride a bicycle’, she rode the cycle at the age of 100. She was primarily a tennis player and a swimmer which might be a reason for her long life as she died at the age of 122.

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