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Benefits of Down Jacket

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A down jacket is insulated with feathers from geese or duck. This fabric is a great insulator. It creates tiny air projects to trap warm air and retain heat. That is how it keeps a person warm. And hence, buying a Patagonia Primo jacket will not be a bad idea after all.

Types of Down Jackets

You will find down jackets in two types: sewn and Box baffle.

  1. Sewn is the most common one available. It is cheap because the less down material is used in its manufacturing.
  2. Box baffle it quite warm. Each baffle has its very own section of down. This maximizes the loft and minimizes the cold spots. It is generally warmer and thicker. It is expensive because an extra material and complex techniques are required to make box baffle.

Down jackets vs Ski Jackets

Down jackets are different from ski jackets. Ski jackets are made from waterproof material. The fabric has to be strong since there is a higher risk of ripping during the skiing adventure. Down jackets, on the other hand, are made from nylon or polyester and they can be easily ripped. Down is lightweight and highly compressible. If you take proper care of it, your down jacket can last for years.

A good thing is, breathable and waterproof down jackets are being made now (such as Patagonia Primo jacket). They are covered with a DWR coating to offer resistance in the rain.

Benefits of Having a Down Jacket

Let’s have a look at the list of reasons why you must have a down jacket:

  1. A thin and light material is used for making the outer shell of the down jackets which is why they are super light. If you want to have a jacket that you can wear now and again in winters, then down jacket is perfect.
  2. Since they are extremely lightweight, you can wear them under other jackets for extra warmth.
  3. Down jackets come with pockets that have a padded lining. The cuffed wrists and waist help in storing the warmth. They also hood a good to cover your head and provide extra comfort.
  4. Down is resistant to compression. You can stuff in your backpack without worrying about losing its loft.
  5. Down is breathable. The thing about insulated jackets is that they are not breathable. You can never move easily if you are wearing several layers of fabric. They make you overloaded very quickly. As you walk uphill, climb or run, sweat starts building up on the inside. Taking off your jacket and putting it on is always irritating. If you are wearing a down jacket, you will feel warm all day but it will never make you feel too hot to take off the jacket itself.
  6. Most of the down is just a by-product of the food industry. So, don’t worry, ducks are not killed to create down. Down is collected during the molting season by hand.

If you like skiing, having a Patagonia Primo jacket won’t be a bad idea after all. This breathable jacket will keep you warm throughout your trip.

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