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Are you looking for the best DICOM viewer for Android? If yes, go through the entire content in simple. It’ll provide most about the mobile versions of DICOM viewers. You’ll also learn some other essential things about DICOM viewer. So, the first thing is to know that what DICOM is and it a format of medical imaging for the details data and image. Its viewers reveal the data and images from the format. If you want to understand it in a simple way, it’s a format like JPEG, PSD, PNG, PDF, etc. So, be continuing with us to get the solution to the issue.

What is DICOM Files?

DICOM says in short of the term “Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine”. This is a great way to store and exchange along with send medical images and data. It’s a little bit different format to store data with image pixel in a special way. It comes with critical information data sets ensuring to never separate from one another. Now, the question is that what the problem is with DICOM files. The problem is to open DICOM files with the common image viewers. It requires specialized software to open the “.dcm” files. And that’s why we’re here to help you find the proper Android app to open them. So, let’s go with us to know about the details of the apps with other related information.

Mobile MIM

Quick Notes

Version (updated): 3.0.9

Platform: iOS 7.0/ later

Cost: Free

This app has some real-time features like viewing, fusion etc. These help in finding medical images from various modalities. You also can use it to review images along with dose-volume and contours etc. This is one of the best apps to transfer data with its workstation software.

OsiriX HD

Quick Notes

Version (updated): 4.1.5

Platform: iOS 7.1/ later

Cost: $49.99

It’s one of the best apps for DICOM viewer. This DICOM viewer for Android is currently using widely across the world. You can easily use it for downloading and manipulating purposes a series of images directly to an iOS device. The app also comes with various image editing tools like zoom, pan, contrast change etc.

INFINITT Mobile Viewer HD

Quick Notes

Version (updated): Android version

Platform: Android 2.3/ later

Price: Free

This app mainly intends just to review the DICOM images and not approved for the use of diagnosis purposes. It makes you able to use a central DICOM server running on mobile devices. There are many features coming with the app. These include windowing, zooming, measurements, Hounsfield unit scaling, panning, etc.

syngo.via Web Viewer

Quick Notes

Version (updated): 2010.1.22

Platform: iOS 5.1/ later

Cost: Free

The app makes you capable to utilize your mobile/gadget to open DICOM images. It has some useful features and comes with standard viewing tools.


The DICOM viewer for Android comes as different apps as like as the DICOM viewer online platform. They allow physicians to open immediately the DICOM files to analysis the image and data. It means that physicians can check this type of report from their home or anywhere they stay anytime. Even patients can view and take necessary steps with their personal images using their own mobile devices.

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