Why You Should Consider Game Development as A Career

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When beginners and people still in colleges think about game development as something they can do for a living, they often fail to take into account some of the monotony and pressure that comes along with the job.

Then again, when are these two elements not part of any job? Game design and development is a market which is being saturated with a number of Computer Science and development specific categories, and since 2014 the accommodation of the market has taken a fall by 24%. Regardless, here is why we feel that as long as you are passionate about game development, you can do well at it.

  1. Dream Job

We kid you not when we say that the road to becoming a successful game developer is not easy especially considering the numerous milestones you will have to cross. But at the end of the day who does not want to be hired by Rockstar Games and EA to bring about revolutionary changes in the industry you could once only dream of.

Considering how the trend of the industry is moving towards gaming which resembles real-time graphics more and more, there is a lot of room for innovative designs and codes in it. And if you feel you can do justice in the industry by providing such codes then they are there for the taking!

  1. The Money

Game design and development is not a job where you can think of yourself as an individual who will simply be required to face the computer screen 24/7. There are a number of meetings, collaborative projects etc. which you can work on, and all of these lead to one end result: money.

The money is great even in up and coming development offices because they are all competing for outshining the competition in the market, especially those who are creating mobile games. So your creativity can bring them more audience, you can in return make a generous load of much-deserved money.

  1. Stress Levels

Professionals have claimed that relative to other software development jobs, game development is a lot more fascinating simply because the end result is something the user can have the satisfaction to observe coherently. Everything ranging from the animation to the consistency of the graphics is all under your control, which means that within your respective department you have a lot less stress to take.

That does not mean it is okay to miss deadlines, but because you love what you do it is only fair that you don’t.

  1. Demand

The demand in the market is not for people who can read from memory the codes for well-renowned games; it demands creativity. And even if your game design and development course is from a relatively lower tiered university, your great work ethics and focus on bringing in new ideas can land you a spot in almost any firm in the world.

Still reluctant about becoming a game developer? We can assure that there is no better time to bring your love games to fruition.

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