Different Ways Of Online Money Transfer

Different Ways Of Online Money Transfer

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Transferring funds online is as easy as fast, very inexpensive, and sometimes completely free of charge. It has eliminated the need for carrying cash and to worry about losing it. Also, you’re free of waiting for preparing checks and come to you via the mail. Moreover, it’s possible to receive and send from anywhere across the world.

When it comes to online money transfer, you’ll find some different ways out there. And it depends on your needs which one is the best way. Such as, transferring money within the USA is pretty painless. But, when you’ll need to send money abroad, you’ll find a few service providers. That’s why let’s know a bit detail about this issue.

Person-to-Person Apps & Services

When you transfer funds from your personal bank account, you’ll get multiple services that help you to make your personal payments. Your debit cards have linked with your bank account, which is a simple way and usually free.

But, when you want to utilize a credit due to fund transfer, you might need to pay a definite and small amount as fee. Different payment services are quite nice options in terms of sending and receiving money online. In these cases, the sender plus receiver may need to have their own account with the specific service providers.


It’s one of the very oldest and popular payment methods. You might be familiar with PayPal while paying for buying on eBay or some other online stores. But, it’s not just useful for online payment; it’s also useful for your personal payments. Almost all people you know they already have an account on PayPal.

Hence, they should not sign up to use the new services, getting a link with their bank accounts, or creating a new password. When you have a PayPal balance or linked with a bank account, transfers are completely free. These advantages have made it one of the first choices when it comes to online fund transfer.

Square Cash 

While using Square Cash, it lets you send funds to and from your debit cards just using an email. Also, you can do it using a mobile phone app to perform an online transaction.

It’ll charge your debit card and thus the method will get the fund from your account indirectly. Although it takes some days to complete the transactions, it’s free of charge.

Google Pay

This payment method is integrated with its own Gmail service. It allows you to send money to other email addresses that are free of cost and you can pay funds to a requested email through the internet. But, the requesters should obviously not be users of Google Pay.

The recipients just need to use their number of the debit card or account information to receive a payment. The credit will show up within a few minutes if you go through a debit card to get payments. Also, there is another offer from Google named Android Pay that’s another good option for some specific users.

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