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Every Office Needs An Upbeat and Chill Company Culture

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Every workplace must have a team of happy and motivated individuals. When people possess these qualities, they are likely to increase their productivity. They engage in their work and produce results on their projects.

People develop their work mindset based on their office environment. Company culture plays a part in a staff’s personality development. If you are wondering where does culture come from, it stems from the situation. Hence, several companies and those in a bgc corporate center work on transforming their workplaces into an inspiring and energetic environment geared towards innovation. The workflow will still be intact, but the office will become fun and relaxed – a far cry from traditional ones.

Separating Lazy from Chill

It’s crucial to emphasize the distinction between a chill or relaxed workplace over a lazy one. A lazy office setup doesn’t produce results the required results. Often, the staff misses out on deadlines and job orders. Employees are unmotivated to perform. Others experience burn out from the pile of work they have to manage in a limited amount of time. Reasons behind the employees’ poor performance vary, but the office environment will always be on top of them.

If you are the Human Resource (HR) Manager, you must understand how company culture and the workplace impact the performance and welfare of the company’s staff. It is vital to inform the owner or the Chief Operating Officer (COO) if the place requires remodeling. A company that loses its team member whenever the season’s change must take immediate action. It’s never too late to undertake a different kind of culture.

Overthrowing the Company Culture

Changing the workplace set up won’t be easy. It must begin with management and trickle into each teams’ staff. You can start the journey of overthrowing the existing office culture by following these steps.

1. Create a path the others can follow.

The attitude you bring to the table is what others will reflect back to you. The effect of your actions is powerful when you are in a leadership position – team leaders, supervisors, managers, and, business owners. Employees and team members are bound to follow your ways.

Bringing optimism and exerting the right energy to your work are some ways to become the root of positivity. Staying open to jokes and mistakes as well as being approachable to your colleagues is a way to gain their trust. Thus, they will be comfortable to show their personality or crack a joke to lighten the mood when facing a challenging project.

2. Show off your upbeat side.

You may not have the power to redecorate the whole floor or company, but you can still do it your way. If you are part of the staff, you can take over your table or cubicle. Decorate your place with items that inspire you to get in your seat and get to work. Using a purple sticky note, placing a tiny succulent in a ceramic cup as well as metallic clip stands will make your day job more exciting. The items are functional yet useful in making a statement.

Meanwhile, those who manage units can go beyond decorations. Instead, they can offer rewards and incentives. The team can set a goal and targets each period. Those who were able to cross off several items on their lists must receive a reward. To maintain their enthusiasm for work, the HR can provide recognition to reveal the silent star players who clock in and out daily.

3. Encourage creativity.

The same thing every day can get boring. A reason why some employees don’t stay in a company that thrives on repetition and rigidness. Doing the same activities with the usual group of people can be exhausting. When an office has no place for the staff to exercise their creative juice or try something new, its people start frustrated.

Out-of-the-office trips besides team building or outings break the cycle of repetition. Suggesting a lunch potluck, board game competitions, or immersing in a community are some activities where the other staff members can take charge of teams and tasks to get off their usual roles.

These three are the necessary steps to the concept of overthrowing the existing company culture. Every office needs a chill and upbeat environment as it is a melting pot of deadlines, demands, power-struggles, and anxiety. It’s time to go over the other side and empower everyone in the company to be their best selves while in a professional setting.

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