Eyes and Lips: Pros & Cons of Your Permanent Makeup

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Nowadays the permanent makeup is getting popular. And most of the girls are trying this new trend. Mainly, permanent makeup is famous for the eyes and lips. Indeed, these sort of make provide the beautiful look and make the girls more confident.

We have talked with many girls, and they said that it also saves their time before going somewhere. Usually, if you do this once this makes over, it will last for a long time. That means it will not be easy to change or remove the makeover soon.

Permanent makeup near mesalons have their own pros and cons, you have to know the cons and pros. Here, we will present the most common cons and pros of any permanent makeup. So, before you look for “best permanent makeup near me,” let’s go to the below discussion.

Permanent Eye Treatment

Firstly, we will talk about permanent eye makeup. Mainly, this makes over will provide you the permanent eyeliner. Their various styles are available. So, you can easily select your favorite one.

Usually, these permanent eyeliners last for three years. Indeed, it has many amazing pros. But there are also some cons that you should know before going for it.


Nowadays the girls are very busy with their future. They engage all over the day with their works. Moreover, they need to manage household works, attend parties, and so many other things. Especially, the office girls often suffer to do their everyday makeup.

If one does not have a steady and perfect hand, it is also tough to wear eyeliner. In this case, permanent eyeliner is the best option for you. It will save your time when you go to your office and parties.

Besides, it never smudges and ensures you the perfect look everywhere and every time. You have to use mild makeup removal and do not rub the eyeliner much.


We talked with many girls, and they said they love to wear eyeliner only for special parties. Even many of them said that they do not like wearing eyeliners daily. From our point of view, it is also uncomfortable to wearing eyeliner each day.

Even after few times, the eyeliners will become fade, and it does not look much beautiful. Moreover, you may get an allergic response if you have sensitive skin. So, think twice before going for the permanent eyeliners.  

Permanent Care for Lip

The permanent lip treatment means wearing permanent lipstick and making lip blushing. Also, few more lip versions are available such as spin-offs, aquarelle lips and ombre lips.

Also, this sort of lip treatment stays for at least four years. Now let’s have a look at the below to know the cons and pros of lip treatment.


The permanent lip color is amazing and gives you a natural shade. Mostly, you can eat, talk and drink by wearing this lip color. Usually, the natural shades are best for the everyday office as well as special parties.


We all know that the lip skin is so thin and sensitive. So, lip PMU can be an uncomfortable thing for you. Lip PMU is a way to bring out the natural beauty of the lips, camouflage possible scars or imperfections, even out their tone, and even create an illusion of fuller lips.

It can also have great anti-aging effects. A subtle, natural-looking shade is appropriate for every occasion. PMU for lips is probably the most uncomfortable one.

The skin on the lips is very thin, so the needling can get be very intense regardless of the anesthetic, and it’s not uncommon for some blistering and a bit of swelling to occur afterwards.

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