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7 Habits To Get Rid Of Junk And Keep Your House Clean

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Do you know about the ‘two-minute rule’?

The two-minute rule states that if something can be done in under two minutes, do it in under two minutes.

This rule is applicable in all walks of life and especially famous if you are trying to get rid of junk.

  1. Decluttering

Decluttering means to remove unnecessary items. The human psyche works on status quo. If your house is clean, you will feel active and keep your house to have it clean.

If you start becoming careless and make on accumulating things, the debris will increase and it will be harder to get rid of junk.

Make a habit of decluttering. Do not pile up items.

  1. Sunlight and Airy

If you keep the house too much close, it will start giving horrid stench. To keep the air fresh, pull aside the curtains and let in the sunshine and air.

Sunshine is good for your health and regular flow of air keeps your house clean by getting rid of harmful bacteria.

  1. Dusting

Even if you keep your windows closed most of the time, dust can accumulate on furniture through air vents. The best way to clean dust is through:

  • Exhausts
  • Dusting cloth

You need to do both. Get a dry cloth and wipe your furniture off it. You don’t need to do it every day. Even doing it on alternate days is fine but the important part is doing the work. Using a vacuum cleaner is also recommended.

  1. Floor Cleaning

Microscopic organisms enter your house through shoes, air, and mud. You can never 100% remove them but the risk of harmful microorganisms can be reduced.

Clean your floor. Do not let the dirt get accumulated on your floor. Buy a good vacuum cleaner as well as get a detergent, which you can apply on your floor when mixed with water.

  1. Ditching Old Stuff

A lot of people have this odd habit of collecting things. While it is not wrong to have a hobby but ask yourself: Is it really worth it, keeping all your toys since grade 5 or having piles of clothes, while you only wear 2 – 3, throughout the week?

You may think of it as ‘precious junk’ but they can bring a smile to someone’s face. Don’t even throw it away! Instead, donate them to children to make their day.

  1. Dirt Under Heavy Machinery

With heavy machinery, we meant heavy sofas, furniture, and electric machinery. Clean them periodically as dirt gets stuck through loose ends. After some time, you will find a big source of debris, so clean them as often as you can.

  1. Contacting Junk Removal Services

If all of this seems too much and you don’t find yourself dedicating time to your house cleaning, get an express junk removal service to professionally deal with your house dirt. These professionals are trained to get rid of junk at very affordable costs. Making your house spick and span, they will take away all the garbage you only ‘thought’ of throwing away.

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