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Wherever we may live on this planet, be it in some interior village or small town in any country or even in the vibrant and action filled New York City in the United States of America we would have the problem of disposing our junk responsibly.

We know that irresponsible junk disposal could do immense harm to the environment and would not only bring pain to our generation but to all those who would follow us in the future.

Hence it is our prerogative to ensure that all our junk especially the bulkier ones like old used dilapidated furniture and other such items are disposed within the prevailing laws of the area that we would be living in.

Irresponsible disposal of such junk from little items to the larger furniture could bring the law or the other statutory bodies responsible to ensure proper disposal calling at our doors.

We could face stiff fines and if they quantum of our irresponsible acts are beyond the set limits of minor we could even find ourselves counting iron bars within prison walls.

The nature of our irresponsible act would draw the appropriate punishment and to avoid such an unfortunate incident befalling us we should be prudent enough to ensure that every item of furniture we throw away ends up at the right place.

That would be easier said than done as we would need to adhere to some very strict codes of conduct before we could carry our furniture for disposal at those designated places, be it for recycling or otherwise.

There are very strictly enforced rules and regulations that govern the disposal of garbage, junk and dirt in any jurisdiction that we may live because it has been recognized that improper disposal of the above could pollute our environment.

Environment pollution is a very much spoken of subject in many forums and there are laws being legislated practically every year in many countries including the USA and the related local authorities to ensure strict compliance.

Breaking those laws would not be in our best interests as we could be prosecuted and fined or jailed which is not what we would want specially to avoid the humility for such an irresponsible act, as improper junk disposal.

We do have an answer for our calamity when we do encounter such a predicament and that is to call upon the many authorized and responsible haul away furniture companies who have the expertise and experience to handle whatever task is contracted to them.

They have the appropriate staff, vehicles and most of all the required authorization from the relevant statutory bodies enforcing the law on such matters to ensure that our furniture junk removal and all other junk is disposed responsibly.

They would call on us when we would telephone them and they would assess the quantum of junk at our site and then once we sign on the dotted line and they countersign the papers presented, the responsibility transfers on to them, to ensure proper disposal.

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