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How Can You Install Water Softener Sulfur Removal?

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The installation process of water softener sulfur removal is pretty much easy and simple. In total, there will be 15 steps and you have to go through one by one if you would really like to complete the installation process.

So in this article, I will provide you with all those 15 steps and I am very much hope that after going through all those steps, you would be good to go for doing the installation of water softener sulfur removal. Please keep reading to know more.

So to get started, what you will actually need to perform is to go through all the directions that come up with the water softener sulfur removal system before you get started with the process of installation.

In this step, you will have to shut off two things. The first one is the water of the house, where the second one is the power which is connected to the hot water heater.

In the third step, you have to turn on a couple of things where the first one is the outside hoses and the second one is all of the faucets. Outside hoses you need to turn on for the purpose of draining the water lines before putting into the water softener sulfur removal.

Bring your water conditioner and position it in such a place that is dry and safe. Majority of water softeners are consisting of two tanks and make sure to establish them after one another.

With the help of a measuring tape, do measure the length in between the line of the cold water and the bypass port that is located at the water softener sulfur removal tank.

Make sure to complete the installation process of the discharge tube on the head of the water softener.

At the side of the water conditioner tank, you will find an overflow tube and run it and finally discharge that to the drain.

Get the bypass valve and put it onto the head valve of the water conditioner. Make sure to get ready with all of the necessary tools whenever you’re going to set up the water softener.

Now carefully make a connection with copper tubing. The main function of copper tubing is that it passes water to the bypass valve.

From the conditioner of the water, try attaching the copper tubing to the lines of the water.

Turn on the things you have turned off before.

Bring 4 gallons of water and put it into the brine tank while plugging the control valve in.

Bring your water conditioner and put it into the backwash stage. Make sure to set up the bypass valve in a proper way to the service position.

Lastly, turn on your water supply valve and allow it water conditioner to run through the full and complete backwash cycle.

That’s all! Simple right? Thanks for reading!

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