How do you see medical images? Use DICOM online viewer software

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Medical images like an MRI or CT scan has a different format. The format is DICOM or Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine format. This is a specific format used in the medical imaging field. A designer saves his/her artworks in JPEG or TIFF format. In the same way, medical image specialists save their works in DICOM format.

You will need a specialized viewer to see this image format. The solution is DICOM viewer online software. You can get some of the free versions from online. Moreover, there is some paid software that comes with troubleshooting and customer service facilities.

What comes in a DICOM file?

A DICOM file comes with two parts, a header, and image data. The header includes patients name, image type, and size. The second part of the file contains all the image data in three dimensions.

You can convert DICOM to JPEG or TIFF according to your requirements. In most cases, hospitals share medical imageries with patients and other organizations in this format.

What is a DICOM file viewer?


These viewers process and preserve images in DICOM format. Moreover, some of the paid viewers can access DICOM images database. Thus, you will get more information for a better interpretation. Most of the views come with image manipulation tools and spontaneous user interface.

Medical personnel can access image files from various devices. Thus, the developers produce both Dicom viewer Linux and Dicom viewer mac version. Moreover, you can use your phone to install the Dicom viewer android version.

What are the technical features of the DICOM viewer?

  • It can open and save DICOM format files
  • The viewer can support Lossy and Lossless JPEG, Lossless and Lossy JPEG200
  • You can see a structured image report in encapsulated PDF
  • The viewer can open images in regular graphics formats  
  • It can work as a dicomdir reader
  • The viewer can display patient information from dicomdir
  • The viewer runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • They are available in both x86 and x64 platform
  • Works on both Mac and Linux

What are the best DICOM viewers?


Doctors and diagnosticians prefer an easy to use the viewer to see CT scan or MRI DICOM files. There are some great offline and web-based Dicom MRI viewer online available. Based on the ease-of-use and preferences, we have made a list of the best.

1. Sante Dicom Viewer Free Version

  • Works on Windows platform
  • No additional software required

2. MicroDicom

  • The platform is Windows
  • Free for non-commercial uses

3. Navegatium DICOM Viewer

  • Works on both Windows 10 and 8.1
  • It can reconstruct X-rays as well as 2D and 3D images


  • It is an open source viewer
  • Works on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linus
  • You can do the Amide download from the viewer website

5. JiveX DICOM Viewer

  • You can view diverse medical images including ECG
  • It also shows pdf files including image report
  • The viewer works on Windows platform
  • The free version cannot access a dedicated database
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