How does Germany handle Insurance?

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There are a few differences in how Germany handles insurance with other countries. You need to figure these differences out before you arrive there, with proper research or with good articles like this you can learn whatever you need. You can potentially get insurance for anything in Germany and this is why it may feel overwhelming sometimes for a person to fill in the papers. There are five types of insurances and we’ll talk about them profoundly one by one.

Munich, Germany. Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

Household Contents Insurance

This insurance option can be set up so that it starts immediately when you arrive in Germany and you unpack your items. All you need is a list of your possessions and their values set out by your packing lists. Coverage of the damages applies when the damage is done by fire, storm, burglary, and flooding caused by broken pipes.

Depending on the type of possessions or the total amount you may have to change so that it includes “All Risk” damages which are not fairly common in Germany.

Private Liability Insurance

This is the insurance that you have to take when you are going to rent a house or apartment. Germany is getting more increasingly adaptive towards foreigners and you can get a fair game for a claim. Getting a high-quality policy that has good coverage and provides you with protection against claims is really important. This can also be arranged to start as soon as you arrive in your city of choice.

Car Insurance

This can be arranged quickly after you have decided about what car you want to lease or buy. In case, you have a car with you when you come here you should check how to change the insurance from that car and pass it to yours. This is not always available to do and only a few companies do this. Also, this is the same deal for no-Claims cases, most companies don’t accept it from other countries but if you have the original insurance letter you might be lucky. Another important decision is whether you are going to get fully comprehensive insurance or partial. The main difference that the fully comprehensive option covers all damage to your car.

Health Insurance.

This is the only insurance that is mandatory in Germany whether you are working or not. You can choose from Government one or the private institution to handle this for you. In the recent times, this process has become a lot harder and it’s best if you consult an English speaking and experienced Insurance specialist before you make the decision. This will also depend on your monthly income since the private health institution is expensive.

Legal Assistance Insurance.

This is almost an optional choice for insurance but experience and time has shown that it can be really valuable in certain occasions. Legal assistance pays your attorney’s fees when you send someone to court. It can be extremely useful if you are having problems with your employer or with the landlord.

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