How to Display Art at Home?

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Displaying art at your place can upgrade your place to a whole another level. It reflects your interests and taste in art and there is simply a lot that people can tell about your personality simply by the interest you have in art. It becomes a part of you and when that one art piece hits home you want to hang it on your wall for display. But the question is how. Simply nailing it to the wall wouldn’t do and we’re here to guide you through.

1. Buy What Pleases You

When you go to a museum or an art gallery, don’t just picture your house and the places you plan on hanging the art. Instead forget everything and try focusing on the art pieces in front of you. Appreciate and admire it and you are bound to find the one or more than one that will touch your heart and soul. Listen to what your heart says when it comes to art, there’s really no logic that goes along with it. Sometimes you will like album cover poster more than a classic art. Heart wants what it wants and if it wants that particular art piece, then bring it the satisfaction by buying it.

2. Hang at the Right Place at Right Height

While hanging art on the walls, you need to make sure they are hanging a suitable height. That is an average person that has a height of about 5’7 to 5’8. Thus, the painting should be at a height where the center point of the painting is at the height that levels with the eyes of the average heighted person. No one enjoys looking up at a painting straining their neck just to admire the picture. Thus, it’s better for you to hang it at a height where one’s eyes catch the glimpse and of it and devours it till they have had enough.

3. Create Grouping

Instead of buying one massive painting or posters, you can create a group of small paintings, hanging them at an equal distance. Not only will it give out that elegance that you strive to achieve, but hanging pictures like that is itself a form of art. You visitors will not be able to hide their partiality in your taste in art and will likely be inspired to décor their place with art.

You can do that with album cover posters too. Hang posters of a band or genre together to make them impactful.

4. Devout a Wall to Your Gallery

Make a wall that is entirely based upon your art collection. Start from the center and keep adding in art with equal distances and create a gallery this way. You won’t have to worry about where to hand the next painting you buy, instead you will just put it up on the same wall. It will create an artistic display and you wouldn’t have to show people around your collection.

You can also create a single themed collection on wall that give out an aesthetic aura.


Art is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you think your artistic eye does not do your home décor justice. Simply trust your instincts and décor how you please.

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