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How to Heal Anxiety with Self Healing Energy Techniques?

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Self-healing is the process of taking care of your energy by using your own conscious. When you control your psyche and align your consciousness with your spirit, you develop a method of healing known as self- healing. This process is a great way to improve your health, get rid of anxiety, depression, and give yourself the right aura. We are going to share a few self healing energy techniques with you in our post.

  1. Meditation

When it comes to self- healing; meditation is the most celebrates practice in the present time. Meditation is also the most appreciated alternative therapy by the scientific community. The reason is that meditation is about improving a person’s well- being and the results are visible almost immediately. The practice is recommended by numerous doctors who feel that the reduction in stress is a significant point of healing for the patient.


The main aim of meditation is to reduce a person’s heartbeat by relieving stress. It can be an arduous task because the person will have to control his or her thoughts and calm themselves down. The practice is one that requires patience. The patient sits down in a comfortable position in a calm surrounding. Then the patient inhales and exhales until his entire psyche calms down. This process reduces blood pressure, reduces stress and heals the mind in a transparent and exceptionally effective manner. It is a practice that is hugely celebrated in alternative therapy.

  1. Qigong

It is a Chinese practice that involves various breathing exercises. The word is pronounced as ch’i kung and is a Chinese term for breathing exercises. The method has a long history in Chinese culture encompassing many dynasties. If the patient is unable to perform the exercises himself, then Qigong doctors are available in China. These doctors use their energy to heal the patients who come to them.


The exercises can be performed standing, sitting or lying position. The position of the palms and various other organs also vary in various forms of the activities. The exercise is useful in many different ways to heal different organs such as healing tuberculosis, healing kidneys and reducing blood cholesterol. The primary focus is on breathing in a manner that regulates the organ in question.

  1. Color Therapy

Color Therapy refers commonly as chromotherapy. This practice is famously used to heal the person by effectively using various colors. As we all know, colors have a substantial impact on a human’s psyche. The multiple colors are used to heal numerous ailments in a person.


The person can either imagine him or herself in a room that fills the color of their desire. Or there are therapy rooms where lights of all colors fix upon the wall. The person will sit and meditate on the color of their choosing to heal their minds.

These are the most common and celebrates self healing energy techniques. There many other kinds of distance healing treatments available and also they have quite a large popularity. We are here for any further discussion. Get in touch!

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