How to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger?

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1. Light Paint and Flooring is the Key

Whether you’re a student living in a hostel or businessman living in a lavish apartment in a cosmopolitan area, making your room and your entire apartment look bigger and spacious is as difficult as choosing your sideline with the steak. One way you could do this is by painting your walls in light colors like ivory or cream and etc. along with this also ensure that your flooring is light like choose off white tiles or milky tiles maybe. The reason behind this is that dark colors absorb light and make the area look smaller and light colors allow the light to reflect and makes space look bigger.

2. Floor to Ceiling Book Shelves

Are you a fan of books and have piles of them stocked up? Why not opt for a floor to ceiling shelf that will not only make the ceiling look taller but will also give you a proper place to store the books that are lying at odd places like side table drawer, coffee table, TV rack and etc. Won’t it save the mess and make the room look bigger?

3. Curtains + Walls = Same Color

What do you think about that?

4. Mirrors Do Wonders

Placing mirrors at different angles can give illusions of extra space. One trick is to place a mirror across the window so that light gets reflected and room look bigger. However you can also place a mirror behind the chest this will give an impression that there’s more hidden space behind the chest.

5. No Door Policy

It’s often said that doors separate rooms and so if the space is already small and there are doors in it so the door will occupy extra space and will also divide the room. So how about skipping the door between the two rooms? Like between your living room and kitchen?

6. Multifunctional Furniture

Less furniture means a spacious place and a spacious place results in an impression that the room is huge. For this you should invest in multi-purpose furniture items like ottoman as this could be used as a coffee table as well as a seat. Or sofa come bed maybe?

7. A Striped Floor

Who doesn’t love stripes? Especially black and white ones? And remember they never really go out of fashion? These vertical stripes flooring make the room look longer. You can easily get a stripped rug from any rug and carpet shop.

8. Hanging Ceiling Shelves

Are you a book worm? Or let’s say a reader? And have all editions of harry potter, the hunger games or twilight? Is it that you spend a major chunk of your earrings on books every month? Then in such case your uncountable number of books which you have already read and won’t be reading again ever need a place to be stocked. Considering that your apartment already looks small you should hang a ceiling shelve as they don’t cover much space and will make the best use of the vertical storage. Plus they will also draw the eye upward so giving an impression that’s there’s more to see.

9. Decluttering

If your apartment is messy, it will look small. Declutter and start removing stuff you don’t need. If there’s a pile of that you need a junk removal West Austin service to remove that for you.

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