How to Make Your House Smell Good?

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Smell is one of the 5 senses humans are blessed with, it’s said that smell plays a big role in shaping perceptions about both things and people. Like imagine going on your first date and just in the car you find out that your boyfriend stinks terribly, would you want to continue with the date?

Or maybe going to his house to meet his parents for the first time, and as soon as the car stops your eyes fall on that big beautiful white castle that’s making your heart beat faster, but as soon you get closer the thought of going inside is also triggering your chemoreceptor trigger zone because that unbearable smell from the horse barn and from the indoor pond is just calling for a puke session.

No matter how amazing his house is, would you really want to move in that smelly mansion? (I hope not!). So how to avoid any such hypothetical situation actually come true?  Simply by ensuring your house looks as well as smells perfect every day.

How to Avoid Smelly Home?

For this, the first thing you need to do is, ensure you takeout your garbage every day and clean the trash can on a frequent basis. You can also hire a construction debris hauling palm beach county service for that if you don’t want to do it every day.

Next, you should clean the pet waste pail every week.

Have a lot of stuff stored in your fridge? Which also includes rotten milk, rotten tomatoes, leftover food from the last week party and what not. With all this treasure in your fridge, not only the fridge but the entire kitchen can smell awful! So don’t over store food and see it go bad instead feed it to the homeless ones.

How to Make Your Home Smell Better?

That’s all for how you can avoid having a smelly house, now the next step is to make this non-stinking house, smell amazing and for that you need to ensure you add the following things to your daily life.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are literally worth the hype! Love the smell of jasmine? Bergamot? Orange? Rose? Then how about using this essential oil in a diffuser and not only enjoying the fruity and floral smell (depends on your scent preference, I love floral!) but also the numerous benefits each of these oils have.

2. Deodorizing Carpet Powder:

Hate it when your toddler spills the milk on the carpet and that smell just wouldn’t go even after numerous cleaning efforts? The best thing to avoid such odors is to buy a deodorizing carpet powder, sprinkle a little amount of the powder on the dried carpet and allow it to sit for some time then vacuum the area. Tadaa! Your carpet smells magical!

3. Room Fresheners

Keeping these in the toilets is a must, in order to avoid any embarrassing moments when there’s a que of guests waiting to use your washroom after you.

Air purifying plants:

Air purifying plants are my favorite because they look so cute. You could choose from a long list ranging from Barberton Daisy, English ivy, snake plant, Chrysanthemum, Spider plant, Aloe Vera or any other one you like.

4. Car Deodorizer

Clipping the mini car deodorizer to the vent’s metal slate is the ticket to a fragrant place because as the wind blows in the deodorizer will do what its best at, deodorize obviously!

5. Garbage Disposal Cleaner

The disposal can really make your sink stick stinky. Try saying it faster. So, to avoid that stinky sink cut a lemon into small pieces (with the zest) and freeze it in an ice cube tray along with vinegar. Now, whenever you feel there’s an unpleasant odor throw the ice cube in the sink and run water through it.

Moreover, you can use a Miami haul away service to remove the old stuff from your house that may be the reason for the smell. It works many times.

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