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Facts And Tips About Recycling That You Must Know

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Recycling is the conversion of waste materials into useful products. A major part of Earth undergoes recycling.

We drink water, the water is passed from the body in the form of waste products. From such waste products, we have devised engineering techniques through clean water and electricity can be generated.

Recycling is also applied inside our homes and workplaces. The following article has been designed for garbage removal NYC.


It is astonishing to know that throughout the life of an average American, he or she will throw garbage at least 600 times than his/her weight. Overall Americans, make more than 200 million tons of garbage every year.

This means for every 150-pound person, a trash legacy of 90,000 pounds will be formed. Think about how much material you can put to good use.


Aluminum is a major part of our everyday life. Due to its metal conductivity and light-weightiness, it is commonly used as a household product.

Recycling a ton of Aluminum saves 140,000 kWh of energy. It also saves almost 40 barrels of oil and 10 cubic yards of landfill space.

In order to recycle Aluminum, you can put inside “recyclable” trash bins or you could send them over to Aluminum plant. The fact that Aluminum cans are recyclable, makes them a huge business product all over the world.


Paper is obtained from trees. Being biodegradable, it can be 100% recycled. Recycling a ton of paper means you get to save 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.

It is due to recycling that paper prices are considerably down. If the paper was unrecyclable, there would be a severe deficiency of trees with skyrocket prices.

To recycle paper, you don’t have to individually rip off papers from books and magazines. Send them in as it is (In case of hard cardboard cover, you can remove the sturdy book covering).


It is commonly used throughout the world. Mostly utilized by educational institutes and appliance manufacturers, cardboard is recyclable. Recycling one ton of cardboard means that you are saving 390 KWh of energy and saving up to 1.1 barrels of oil.

To recycle cardboard, you can break down cardboard to reduce storage area and keep it free from food waste.

The key to recycle an ideal cardboard is that it should be dry. Wet cardboard takes more space and is difficult to carry due to expanded weight and storage.


Use dry glass for recycling. What’s important is that the glass should be intact. Broken glass is unable to get recycled. Since glass is fragile, handle with extreme caution. Also, you don’t need to remove the labels because they are removed during glass crushing. Avoid mixing different colored glasses.

If you are unsure, try contacting garbage removal NYC. These are professionals who have ample amount of experience in handling the precise art of recycling. They can help remodel your home and your workspace which would make your workplace and office space look organized.

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