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Pros and Cons of UV Water Filtration Systems

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With the awareness of water filtration systems in the market; the awareness for various kinds of bacteria that live in water sources has also increased. Many contaminants with devastating effects such as E. Coli, Giardia, and others have been found to be immune to conventional water filtration systems.

Studies have shown that water filtration systems can be unable to clean out these bacteria from water; as E. Coli can lead to diarrhea at the least and pneumonia and meningitis at the worst; the purpose of water filtration is significantly defeated if these germs are not cleaned out.

Ultra Violet Radiation Treatment

When cleaning of water through conventional means falls short; the next course of action is the treatment of water with ultraviolet light. The treatment cleans out 99.99% of the waterborne organisms. If they are used instead of the regular water filters; the combination will clean out the entire water. The best UV water filtration systems mainly focus on killing microorganisms because any conventional filters are not entirely reliable for clean out living contaminants of all kinds.

The Usual Water Softeners

Usually, the water is cleaned of microorganisms with the use of chlorine. All local tap water has a strong smell and concentration of chlorine that is not ideal for human health. But chlorine is there in water to make sure that all microorganisms have been cleared out. But as chlorine has been in use for cleaning out water for half a century now; some bacteria have developed a chlorine resistant strain that does not clean out with the chlorine-based filtration. Most water-related endemics have a chlorine resistant strain as the cause because few people are drinking unfiltered water in the developed countries.


Ultraviolet water filtration is the solution to that problem. Following are the reasons you should consider the best UV water filtration systems out there.

  1. Effectiveness: The water that is run through ultraviolet water filtration will have a 99.99% germ-free consistency. That includes all kinds of germs and its ideal if you have a fear of water-based epidemic.
  2. No Chemicals: Chlorine has a strong odor, is terrible for your hair and skin and prolonged exposure is not good for you. Ultraviolet rays are entirely harmless, and they do not leave any lasting effect on the water.
  3. Hassle Free: While every other water softener iron removal system comes with its problems and cleaning methods; ultraviolet radiation is entirely hassle-free. It is just ultraviolet rays passing through the water; there are no filters of any kind to worry about. You only need annual service for your filter system.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Another strong point of being a ray producer is that the environment is not affected at all. The water only passes through a ray and has no residue that will change the situation in any way.
  5. Never Breaks Down: Another positive point is that as there is no mechanism to take care of; the product runs 24/7. There is no need to worry about the product breaking down in any way.

We hope these points helped you see ultraviolent water treatment in a new light.

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