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Prosper in 2018: Household Expenses You Can Cut This Year

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If you want to save up some extra money this year for a nice holiday, a new car or a home renovation, cutting your household expenses is a perfect place to start. There are many unnecessary services, products, and bills that do nothing but make your wallet thinner. So, cut them in 2018 and end the year with some nice savings. Here’s what you can do.

Cancel your cable TV

Unless you’re a huge live sports fan, there’s no reason to pay for expensive cable, especially today when you have much more affordable options. For instance, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime memberships cost only a fraction of the cable TV fee while offering an amazing viewing experience. Sports fans can also get their fix another way. There are non-cable packages for football, basketball, hockey and other sports that allow you to rewind or watch live events without paying for the whole cable package.

Denounce unnecessary cleaning products

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Usually, you don’t need all of those specialized cleaning products you spend a fortune on. Simple all-purpose cleaners or even natural homemade ones made with baking soda and vinegar can bring you the same results for much less money. One bottle of an all-purpose cleaner or a homemade concoction can keep your floors, counters, drains, fixtures and furniture clean and shiny!

Avoid late fees

Paying your bills on time will completely free you from late fees. There’s absolutely no reason to pay late fees, especially today when you have reminders and alerts, automatic bill paying services and practical ways to pay bills electronically.

Reduce your bills

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While you can’t really live without electricity, gas or water, you can find a much better deal that will help you reduce your utility bills. One of the easiest ways to avoid all the research and confusion of finding the best provider is to contact energy management services that will compare electricity prices for you and ensure you get the best deals. Simply send them your electronic bill and they will do the rest!

Cut subscriptions

The best way to get an objective overview of everything you pay for is to make a list of every subscription, membership and service you pay for. You’ll probably be surprised how much money you spend on things you don’t even use anymore. However, if you still use the service you’re subscribed to, try to dig around and you might find some free services that can replace the expensive subscription or membership. The gym is the perfect example since you can successfully exercise at home or outdoors for free. You can also check out magazines or find articles online!

Cook more

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Did you know that eating out only once a week can come down to $100 a month? And make that even more if you have a big family and an expensive taste. So, instead of hitting the restaurants, you can cook at home and end up saving some serious dough. Meal planning is also a great way to reduce food waste and stay on budget. Buy ingredients in bulk, look for sales and special offers and use coupons to save a few extra bucks. Additionally, you’ll spend some quality time with your family while cooking AND eat much healthier.

Save on fuel

If you have a habit of driving everywhere, you can rethink your lifestyle. For instance, try ditching your car for short rides and take your bike or public transport instead. This will save you money, keep you fit and strong AND help reduce pollution. You can also make sure your car is in top shape which will further reduce fuel consumption. Flat tires, unnecessary weight and air conditioning can put more strain on the engine and consume more fuel.  

Once you combine all of these saving strategies, you’ll notice a significant increase in your budget. You’ll have more money to spend on yourself and your family instead of wasting it on unnecessary expenses.

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