System Admin Jobs and Their Responsibilities

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If you are a system admin and think your career is over, due to the effects of the pandemic, think again. The reason I uttered such a bold statement is that you don’t even need to go to the office anymore. Remote system admin jobs are the solution to your problems. In short, you can now work as a SysAdmin sitting at home.

We will be discussing some system admin jobs in this article that has been posted on New Remote Jobs website. But before we head to the jobs, let’s talk about the responsibilities a SysAdmin has.

System Administrator Skills & Responsibilities

1. Monitoring and alerting

A SysAdmin administers core server and networking equipment like CPU, disk usage, ETL, DNS, and latency most of the time to detect any inconvenience. A SysAdmin must know how to use external system outputs and metrics to detect an issue.

2.User permissions and administration

As the in-charge of permissions and management, a SysAdmin can assign user roles and manage an organization’s IT sector. The admins can allow people to access an application and service under a close watch.

3. SSO and password management

As the system admins manage the entire application or programming section, they are generally tasked with managing passwords and SSO policies. This means that they are able to work with a password and security system when required. If using SSO with two-factor authentication, the SysAdmin is responsible for managing the tools and thus helps other operators when they need access.

4. Management and policies

System admins usually place policies to ensure data organization and consistency. This includes proprietary software to third-party IT services. By demonstrating how to use those systems in a productive way a sysAdmin is able to change the way certain works are conducted within the company or organization.

5. Maintaining documentation

The admins are generally tasked with maintaining documentation and updating runbooks. They have to cope with CI/CD which can be jarring at times. System administrators need to know how they can facilitate automation to keep documentation and runbooks accurate and updated without letting the development lifecycle stall.

6. Good at problem-solving

System administrators need to be erudite about any problems when facing a technical obstacle. Having a sharp mind and quick wits whenever a quandary pops out is a must. Smart SysAdmins always keeps thinking about ways to eradicate a problem, for example, how to set up a system for incident detection? How to sort out the problems immediately? What will be the outcome of the solution? Is there any alternative way to deal with a particular issue? This sounds quite simple but the analysis is more complicated than this.

SysAdmin Jobs in NRJ

New Remote Jobs has lots of hand-picked jobs tailored for System Admins. Remember, the descriptions given here are just the gist, so make sure to check the website out for more info. Note: They are recruiting senior as well as junior system administrator.

1. Simply Analytics

Simply Analytics is looking for an AWS DevOps Engineer/SysAdmin to monitor, manage, improve, and scale our AWS environment, and to work closely with the development team for developing and releasing pipelines. You, as a candidate, need to put in attention to every detail and should be comfortable in asking questions.

2. Teramind

Teramind is the preeminent insider threat prevention system. They are currently looking for System Admins for Linux and Windows. For this job, you need to be able to investigate and dissolve system related issues, ensure uptime, and overall system health.

 3. C4Media

You will be working collaboratively with the development teams of InfoQ and QCon and lead the effort of evolving the company’s cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of their products by developing and managing all the installed systems and infrastructure. The work would also need testing, configuring, and managing operating systems, app software in their cloud infrastructure and legacy data center.

Kudos to you, if you managed to read through all this. I wish you good lucking getting the job you are specialized for. Till then, take care!

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