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Top 7 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

in Real Estate
Home Value Increased - 1- The Sunrise Post

Putting your home on the market is a big step that requires a lot of planning and preparation. Ensuring that your property is in excellent condition will increase its sale value and bring you a high return on investment. However, undertaking dozens of remodeling projects may leave you broke without yielding the desired results. Thus,…

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Kitchen Confidential: Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

in Life Style
Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive -1 SunrisePost

Experts say that every now and then, renovating old and dull parts of your home can be healthy for the mind and soul. Additionally, this season, kitchen remodeling has become a true craze. However, we all know that this is the part of the house that is typically the most costly to maintain. Luckily, nowadays,…

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Building a Home: 7 Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Builder

in Opinion/Real Estate
Building a Home - The Sunrise Post

Many homeowners-to-be are so eager to start construction that they completely neglect the process of choosing a good builder. However, you should be very careful when shopping for your builder. To an untrained and inexperienced eye, all builders and building companies might look the same. However, the truth is that they differ greatly in quality,…

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Prosper in 2018: Household Expenses You Can Cut This Year

in Life Hack/Life Style
Household Expenses You Can Cut This Year1 - TheSunrisePost

If you want to save up some extra money this year for a nice holiday, a new car or a home renovation, cutting your household expenses is a perfect place to start. There are many unnecessary services, products, and bills that do nothing but make your wallet thinner. So, cut them in 2018 and end…

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Luxury Ideas for Your Interior and Exterior

in Life Style/Real Estate
Luxury Ideas for Your Interior and Exterior-1-TheSunrisePost

You work hard. You spend your money responsibly. You don’t splurge at parties. At the end of the day, you deserve to come home, relax, and indulge in all the perks of your luxurious home. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a home, or you are planning on remodeling your property, there are some high-end…

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Top 5 Appliance and Furniture Choices for a Rental Property

in Life Style/Real Estate
Top 5 Appliance and Furniture Choices for a Rental Property - TheSunrisePost

If you are renting any space, especially if it is a vacation rental, you need to be sure that the travelers will be booking your apartment based on what they see in photos. This is why you should make sure you have all the essential appliances and pieces of furniture. However, not only do they…

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5 Things To Consider Before Synthetic Turf Installation

in Life Style/Post

Lawns require quite a lot of work and attention in terms of maintenance. Feeding, mowing, edging, weeding; it can all get quite time-consuming and frankly also overwhelming. Many of us are now switching to science to fulfill our needs and save time. Artificial grass is all that anyone is talking about now. Synthetic turf installation…

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