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Telstra vs Vodafone vs Optus

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No one in Australia is new to hearing the names of the abovementioned telecom giants. All of them have solid infrastructure, good management, appealing phone plans but the questions are,

Which is the best?

Today, we will unfold the mystery of services of these companies and uncover the cheap sim only plans of good networks.

  1. 4G Coverage

‘The land down under’ is not a stranger to innovation. With 4G taking over the world, it was Telstra who introduced Australia to 4G coverage.

As early as 2017, their network users enjoyed 4G to 99% area of Australia.

Optus started its services from Newcastle and expanded its services to capital cities as well as regional hubs. Optus claims that 95% of Australians can use its services.

Sadly, Vodafone was the last to catch up on 4G networks.

  1. Price Parameters

One of the biggest challenges faced by Australian people is the limitation of data when it exceeds certain limits. Nevertheless, thanks to technology, speeds are increasing day by day.

Let’s look at mobile phone plans SIM only of three giants of the telecom sector.

a. Telstra

Hands down, Telstra offers lucrative 4 cheap SIM only plans. Each of them comes with a 12-month lock – in the timeframe.

For lower-end customers, they offer a 500 MB data, coming at $35 per month.

For middle-end customers, they offer two packages. One of them is centered on $40 dollars a month, providing 5GB data. The other package provides 8GB data for $50 dollars a month.

For high-end customers, the ‘large plan’ has unlimited talk and text plan, coming with 15 GB data per month. It comes at a monthly price of $70.

b. Optus

Optus follows a pricing pattern of Telstra, with its packages centered on 12 months ‘SIM only’ plans. All of Optus packages have unlimited text and talk and if you purchase them from online methods, you will gain a significant increase in your total data.

The $30 plan provides 2 GB data while 15 GB can be availed for $55 plan. There is also a special plan of $40, which provides 12 GB of data – giving a choice of flexible margin between $30 and $55 plan.

c. Vodafone

Vodafone provides its customers with the most options. It has the widest stretch of 12 month BYO plans. Ranging from $30 – $60 a month, Vodafone provides 7 unique plans. You have options, either go for more data or opt unlimited calls.

For $30, you gain 2 GB while $40 provides 8 GB. The high-end plan provides 17 GB for $60.


All of these telecom companies have a ‘pay per MB’ policy, which means once you cross the threshold limit, you will only pay $10 per GB.


In the end, it is about user priorities. While companies like Telstra and Optus have exceptional 4G coverage and provide double speed technologies, they do not have as flexible plans as that of Vodafone. Also, Telstra provides a 6-month Apple Music account while Optus offers music streaming services from Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and iHeartRadio.

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