The Best Golf Sunglasses – There’s A Lot More to It Than You Would Think

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Over the past few years, a good pair of sunglasses has become an integral part of golfing equipment. As technology has advanced, they now provide excellent sun protection and improved colour contrast, which sharpens depth perception, particularly on and around the a result people become curious to know “what are the best sunglasses for golf”.

Your sunglasses not only shield you from dangerous UV rays, but they also have an unobstructed green background against a blue sky. When you have to squint to reach the golf ball after a well-hit shot in bright sunshine, the pressure on your eyes is incredibly high.

On the question of what are the best sunglasses for golf, here are some things you need to know before you look for “Plastic golf tees”.

Photochromic or Polarized Lenses

The use of filtered lenses vs photochromic lenses polarizes the golfing community in the same way as sunglasses do. Each technology has adherents that will fight for it to the end of time. When it comes to picking a pair of sunglasses, it all comes down to personal taste.

The Way You Look

Although your sunglasses’ primary aim is to shield your eyes and help you see better by eliminating sunlight, you also want to look nice when wearing them.

Faces differ in shape and scale, so the sunglasses that better fit your face may vary as well. We’ll go over a few things to watch for while evaluating the sunglasses’ appearance.

The Design

Manufacturers sell a wide range of styles to fit nearly every shape and style, so there should be no reason why you can’t find a pair that will make you look great.

Sporty style sunglasses can look great on the golf course, but they may not look good when wearing outside of a sporting event. The more traditional-looking sunglasses would be acceptable for daily use, but they may lack the versatility needed for golf.


Lightweight plastic frames are ubiquitous because they are not affected by high temperatures and never get too heavy when worn for long periods during the golf game. As compared to metal frames, high-quality plastic frames are more sturdy and less likely to be broken when falling.

Lens Quality

High-quality lenses are an essential component of your sunglasses, and they are what can give you the depth of vision on the fairways and greens. There are low-cost lenses available at numerous convenience stores that will shield you from UVA and UVB rays but will not give you the view required for golf.

Golf-Specific Colors

Golf sunglasses are designed to block out particular wavelengths of light to allow you the best possible vision of the course and help you read the green while you’re putting.

Green and grey lenses are the most common, but they don’t help with depth perception or contrast. Yellow lenses are great for contrast and depth perception, but they’re not the best for reading greens.

Red lenses blur colours greatly, but they have outstanding contrast and illuminate red and yellows in the green, rendering them an excellent putting assist. Blue lenses are not recommended because they minimize contrast on the green background.

Golf sunglasses with amber, copper, cinnamon, and brown lenses are most suitable. They perform as well on fairways and putting greens without distorting the actual colour of the objects.

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