The Checklist Every New Pup Parents Must Follow

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If you’ve decided to get a puppy, it’s time to get your house ready for arrival. Although you do not want to buy anything on this list right away, it is wise to have these pet store items on hand before your dog arrives. The following are five essential things you’ll need for your new dog:

1. Dressing

Take into account the weather in your city. Try buying the dog a dog blanket or scarf, whether it’s chilly outside and he’s shivering.

Try purchasing a “cold hat” if you live in a hot climate. This unique cooling coat or vest is made of a special cloth that preserves moisture and cools by evaporation for up to four hours before requiring re-wetting.

2. Crate

While many dog owners are ignorant of buying a crate, this cramped space is like a snug den to the dog. Dogs and puppies like having a secure and private spot to curl up. Crates are available in various materials, including wood, wire, and plastic. Wooden ones are costly, bulky, and difficult to keep clean.

People also drape a blanket or towel over the wire crate to make it more cave-like. Wire crates easily cleanable and provide excellent ventilation for the dog. Plastic crates are lightweight, simple to disinfect, and can be used in a variety of climates. Remember, a crate must be large enough for him to comfortably get out and move in.

3. Grooming Supplies

The type of grooming equipment you get for your dog can be determined by the breed and the things you have planned. Grooming a Poodle, for example, is far more complicated than grooming a Labrador Retriever. Grooming a dog for the show ring may be somewhat different from grooming a dog to accompany you on a camping trip.

Consult the breeder and a knowledgeable groomer for advice on grooming equipment. They’ll be happy to give you advice. Here are some simple resources you’ll need in general:

  • Coat clippers and scissors
  • a brush and comb
  • conditioner and shampoo
  • Doggy toothbrush and toothpaste
  • nail trimmer

4. Collar

You need to buy at least one collar for your pup. It is one of the most essential pet related items.  You can buy a ‘flat collar’ made of nylon, fabric, or leather for daily wear. The leash should be worn on your dog, along with registration and license tags.

Check the collar’s fit regularly, mainly as your dog grows, and readjust or change it if it no longer fits. A collar that hangs looser than that can get stuck on objects and bind or strangle your dog, and a collar that hangs tighter than that is too secure for comfort and protection. Harnesses are becoming more fashionable as an alternative to the conventional collar.

5. Bowls for Food and Water

Two durable bowls are needed for your dog: one for food and one for a drink. While ceramic bowls are attractive, they are fragile; instead, search for bowls made of durable plastic or stainless steel. Bear in mind, though, the plastic can be chewed, contain bacteria, and is a bit tougher to clean than stainless steel.

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