Things to Know About the Free Versions PDF File Reader

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One of the widely used and most common file formats is PDF (Portable Document Format) these days. You might have experience of downloading a document or printable form from the web like IRS Tax Form. This one was likely to be a PDF file with the end of .pdf instead of others like .doc or .jpg.

You’ll find there a lot of apps out there to open them as PDF files come in a standard format. These include there is Acrobat Reader of Adobe, web browsers, and other third-party apps. Besides, there are some other apps that you can use easily. Well, let’s know some other things about split PDF online free readers.

Why You Should Use PDF files

For example, you want to create an MS Word’s newsletter to share the file as a .docx. It’s the default file format of this file will the Word Documents. But, it’s not guaranteed that everyone will be able to read it if they don’t have an installed copy of MS Word app.

It’s because word documents have been created to edit. So, they’ll get some text and format with shifting around. But, PDF files are usually made for the availability of editing instead of viewing. The most preferred and best reason is that this file format strongly preserves the originality of your files.

As a result, they’re as more sharable as they remain the same look at any device. In this way, no matter which system they’re using, everyone will be able to read your newsletter.

How to Open PDF files?

It’s very simple in order to open as well as view your PDF files. If you use the latest web browsers, they’re able to open your PDF files directly on a notepad. That means you don’t need to use additional software in your system to open your PDF files. But, you’ll have to prompt to get download an app if you find your browser is not doing this job.

However, in any case, the web browser is the simplest way to open your PDF file when you want to see them. Also, there is an option to save them to your device if you like to use them later. But, the process may vary depending on what browser you’re using.

How to Edit PDF files?

It’s that we have mentioned already that PDF files are usually meant for viewing your files, not for editing. But, you’ll find there some options with your PDF files that allow you including some basic information. These include your name and your address. When you have a special feature with your PDF reader, you can add new information and same them accordingly.

Also, there is an editing feature with a PDF reader, but all computers don’t support this option. So, before you use the feature to add new information or to edit pdf documents for free, you have to download the PDF. As a result, when it’s time to add something on your PDF files, you can do it. These include highlighting texts or creating a comment.

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