Tips to Know About Cheap Mobile Plans for Data

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If you’re looking for the best and cheap mobile phone plans for data instead of NBN plans, you’re at the right place. In these days, mobile data is sometimes more important than calls and texts to many people. When it comes to the mobile data for the users of Australia, you’ll find many carriers offer different types of data plans.

In this post, we’ll know about some of the top data providing mobile plans of different carriers. While we’re making this review, we found that the smaller providers are mostly providing as best as cheap mobile plans for data for their users. So, let’s know about the providers who have great offers that you’re looking for yourself.

OVO Mobile

OVO mobile is famous for the biggest mobile data plans that have a massive 500GB for $109.95. This is a portable plan and you can activate it in hours after receiving the SIM. Also, you don’t need to wait for weeks or months to get the connection as it’s not a lock-in contract. So, if you’re a heavy data user then it’s the plan that you’re looking for to meet your needs.

Besides, there is OVO mobile’s FansFirst Promise plan that comes with double the data on every prepaid plan. You’ll gate this plan with a twice ford data, but it’ll come for the same price. Also, you’ll get some more inclusions with the unlimited talk time, text and data-free live streaming on OVOPlay just from $14.95 for 30 days.

Southern Phone

If you choose Southern Phone, you’ll get the options to choose between two giant mobile carriers of Australia. These include Telstra and Optus. When you’ll choose the plans of Optus-powered-data, you need to choose the Green plans. You’ll get there three options, including a 23GB plan at $50/month, 18GB plan at $35, 7GB plan at $22/month, and 1GB plan at $12/month.

On the other hand, the Orange plans are for the Telstra users and its price starts from 5GB mobile data for $15 to 30GB mobile data for $60. But, don’t forget that these data plans are 12-month basis while you’re looking for cheaper data plans from Optus-powered data plans.


Yomojo Mobile is well-known for its great value mobile plans when it comes to the prepaid data plans. These plans run on the 4G network of Optus and they call these plans “Mobile Broadband”. In these plans, you’ll find four different plans from Yomojo and all of them come with a validity of 30-day.

If you choose a 3GB data plan, you’ll it for $15.90 and the 70GB plan comes at $85.90. There is a great thing in these plans that you can change any of the plans at any time. In the middle of the plans, they strike the value options between upfront cost and data.

Telstra Mobile

The data-only plans of Telstra have a wide range of data including that starts from 15GB for $29 per month to 90GB for $89 per month basis. Also, there are mobile data with SIM-only mobile plans on a 12-month contract basis.

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