Tips to Save Some Bucks On Your PACS Solution

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No matter you’re a physician or a lawyer, everybody likes to save some bucks. Even, you’ll find your neighbors of the next door are also trying to get the way so they can save some money. But, if you’re in the healthcare industry then you know how it’s a point of pinching to get reimbursement.

As a result, you can feel overwhelming when you look at your checkbook. However, when you try to be slightly economical, you may get in the trap of uncertain to invest that truly needs to be more efficient in your business.

But, it’s good news for the physicians as they can use free open-source apps or low-cost medical imaging viewer for desktop, such as DICOM viewer HTML5. Now, let’s know some ways to save some money from your PACS solution.

Use In-House & Inexpensive PACS


As an avid of OsiriX or Hors user, you’re possibly using a precious desktop or laptop. It’s great when your desktop viewer works nicely. But, there is a potential risk of losing your patients’ images and data. It’s because you’re not all set with your PC for medical images storage in an optimal stage. If you compare with other options out there, it’s nothing but a joke of holding the storage capacity.

But, onsite PACS is the great alternatives to store your medical images in an inexpensive way. It’s the way that gets connected with a computer server and attaches with storage directly in term of a RAID. This is a combination of disks set that’s more flexible than one disk in case of disk failure.

Consider Using Pay as You Go

If you find it tough to buy outright PACS according to your budget, the Cloud is a great way. It’ll help you manage the offsite backup and a PACS. Besides, you’ll be able to sue the Cloud not just as your primary PACS; it also will ensure your offsite backups.

Moreover, there is no extra fee for its maintenance as the fees have been included with your package. As a result, you’ll get it easy to use, share, and mobility than that come with an onsite PACS. This might be as inexpensive and reliable as up to data-solution for you.

For example, you can get a Cloud PACS with DICOM web viewer within $100 for every month basis. You’ll need to spend an initial setup fee from $500 to $1000 for the first and one time that depends on your configuration and its complexity.


Know Your Expenses

If you go through a very low end, you’ll have to spend up to $2500 for the hardware and another $500 for annual maintenance fee. Apart from these, you need to spend per month for Cloud backup from $50 to $100.

Although it sounds expensive, it makes you enable getting to use your backup data when your onsite PACS gets down. It’s because technology is sometimes fallible. So, you can’t go smoothly without using a backup of your PACS.

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