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Top 5 Appliance and Furniture Choices for a Rental Property

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If you are renting any space, especially if it is a vacation rental, you need to be sure that the travelers will be booking your apartment based on what they see in photos. This is why you should make sure you have all the essential appliances and pieces of furniture. However, not only do they have to be pleasant to the eye, they also need to be long-lasting and of high-quality, as your future tenants will love that and probably come back to your vacation rental yet another time. Even though equipping a rental space does require a lot of hard work and, after all, imagination (as you really want to be a bit different and unique), here are the top five choices that you simply have to own and invest in:

1. Beds and lighting

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Investing in a good bed is mandatory, and make sure not to skimp on this one as this is the most important piece of furniture for any visitor who’s staying at your rental property. That is why all the beds need to be big enough and very comfortable. If you want to save yourself some money in the future, you should definitely opt for some that are a bit more expensive but that will last for a long time. However, since lighting is also very important, especially the one next to or above the bed (for all of those visitors who love to read will be very thankful for this), the best option would be to buy a bed that is very modern (and minimalistic) and has built-in light or nice and elegant headboard lights. For a comfortable, elegant and photogenic combo, you could try for example the IKEA pieces, as they are always popular.

2. Washer and dryer

First of all, having a high-quality washing machine is another must-have for your rental property, as you don’t want to have episodes during which you will have to call a repairman to service your faulty, low-cost one while the visitors are there. Moreover, there’s nothing more satisfying to a guest than having a dryer next to the washing machine – that way they’ll be able to wash and dry as many clothes as they like, and it’s a well-known fact that planning outfits you’ll be wearing in a different country or city is not something that’s very easy. You don’t have to choose ones with a large bin – you can opt for smaller ones, as well as your guests will not be washing everything they own.

3. TV

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Even though not everyone watches television, having a TV in your rental will give your space a pleasant and homey look. Since owning classical TVs at the moment is very out-of-date, choosing smart TVs is the right thing to do. Make sure to choose a high-quality one, such as the LG television set, in order to provide your guests with total comfort. That way your guests can connect their smartphones to it and watch anything they would like, and if you are subscribed to Netflix or any other platform you will be giving them the chance to do something while being free, or on a rainy day.

4. Dishwasher

Washing dishes can be a daunting chore, so imagine how it must be like when you rent a space for a holiday or a romantic getaway and you still have to do them. That is why equipping your kitchen with a dishwasher is an excellent idea. Nowadays there are many dishwashers that you can get for under $300, so investing in this what will turn out to be the signature appliance in your kitchen seems like the right thing to do.

5. Dining table

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It might sound silly, but investing in a beautiful dining table is definitely a must, especially in this day and age. Namely, many people choose to book your rental based on its minimalism (no one likes cluttered spaces), and if you have a beautiful and minimalistic dining table, many Instagram-obsessed guests will pick just your apartment. Make sure to choose either a white one or one made of dark wood (of course if it goes well with the rest of the furniture) – these are the most popular and they look amazing on all photographs.

There are plenty of other appliances that you should include in your rental space, but mind these as they are the most important. Follow the tips and tricks that are given in this article, and your space will be booked weekend after weekend.

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