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Top 7 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

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Putting your home on the market is a big step that requires a lot of planning and preparation. Ensuring that your property is in excellent condition will increase its sale value and bring you a high return on investment. However, undertaking dozens of remodeling projects may leave you broke without yielding the desired results. Thus, it’s of the utmost importance that you invest in the right remodels and prepare your home for sale properly.

1. Freshen up your façade

The curb appeal of your home will leave a major impression on your potential buyers. Although the first impression isn’t the crucial one, it still has a great effect on buyers, especially if it’s negative. Thus, you should make sure that your home’s exterior, its façade in particular, is charming and stylish. If your façade looks worn-out and the paint is peeling off, you should definitely apply a fresh coat of paint. What you should keep in mind when choosing a specific color is that buyers prefer subtle, neutral tones that have a timeless appeal. Bold hues may come across as eccentric, so you should avoid them. Try to find a hue that will be universally appealing, such as pale yellow, soft beige or subtle grey.

2. Give your doors and windows an uplift

Not only do your exterior doors and windows affect your home’s curb appeal, but they also enable prospective buyers to see whether your property is energy-efficient and safe. A high-quality, insulated front door and energy-efficient windows are a popular feature among buyers. Therefore, you should make sure to fix your doors and windows or replace them with new ones if they’re completely worn-out. Although purchasing a new steel door, for example, is on the expensive side, it’s an investment worth making because it brings

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3. Add outdoor space

Increasing the usable square footage of your property is always a great investment, so you should consider designing an outdoor space. Granny flats are a popular solution that will increase your home’s value and provide buyers with a guest house, home office or rental property for additional income. If you think that your home would benefit from additional space, you should contact professionals that work with the advanced solutions such as steel formwork who can build wanted space in no time. They will come out with a plan and suggest design solutions suitable for your needs. Building a granny flat in your spacious backyard is a functional and profitable investment that will increase the value of your home and charm buyers.

4. Style up the bathroom and the kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, so you can expect buyers to pay special attention to these two rooms in your house. They’re looking for timeless quality designs that will be in style for the years to come. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give your kitchen and bathroom complete makeovers. In fact, minor improvements, such as painting the cabinets, introducing more storage solutions and replacing the hardware with trendy new finishes, are far more affordable and profitable. Thus, you should aim for simple, but impactful changes in the kitchen and bathroom.

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5. Clean and declutter

Cleaning and decluttering are an essential step in preparing your house for sale, especially if you’re planning to host an open house event. A clean, clutter-free home has an open, airy ambiance that will make a good impression on your prospective buyers. Your home will also seem fresh and healthy, which is another important factor that buyers will consider. Furthermore, decluttering your home will provide you with an opportunity to clear away your personal items and belongings. Although your home shouldn’t look as if nobody lived there, you need to enable buyers to picture themselves living in your home.

6. Inspect and fix

Checking for hidden problems and fixing them is another important step that will increase your home’s value. From water and air leaks to plumbing issues, roof repairs and pest infestations, you need to make sure that your property is generally in good condition. Thus, you should check your home or hire an inspector and then deal with every problem you come across. Trying to skip this step may affect your sale price because buyers often hire their own inspectors to check a property before buying it.

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7. Repaint the interior

A fresh coat of paint will give a completely new look to your home and enable you to appeal to potential buyers. Even if you’re a true design enthusiast who knows which colors are “in”, you should stick to a neutral color scheme that is universally appealing. Earthy tones, soft pastels, and subtle greys are always a great choice, with bolder hues being used for accent walls and decorative details.

Investing in these remodeling projects will help you increase the value of your home and attract top buyers on the market.

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