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Ways to Make Unlimited International Calls from Mobile

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It is true that technology has been improving day by day and people like us taking its full advantage. At present, making unlimited international calls from mobile is not really a very big deal but once upon a time, it was not that much easy like today. There was a time when it really took a lot of charges if somebody wanted to make a phone call from the mobile. Even people don’t really feel comfortable to talk as they were always worried about the allotted time. But today with the unlimited call, it’s also possible to spend hours of time with someone living in the abroad. However, this article has mainly been created in order to let you know with few of the most popular ways through which unlimited international calls from mobile can be made using cheap NBN plans. Therefore to know more in details, please continue reading this article and I very much hope that this article will help you in many ways to make calls at free of cost.


So with regards to making unlimited international calls from mobile, Skype is considered as one of the widely popular options since many people have been using this application from quite a long since and it has already gained much more popular in recent years. So just like others, if you would like to make use of this great and awesome application then basically the process is pretty straightforward. What you will need to do is to visit the play store from your phone if you are using android and then simply search for this app. Once it is found, tap the install button and it will be installed soon. But make sure to create an account without which you won’t be able to proceed. So as soon as you are done with the registration just add people by means of their username and enjoy free unlimited calling.


Just like Skype, Viber is also one of the most popular sources but you will need to use your mobile number here instead of any username or password. Once you install Viber to your phone, just register it with your phone number and add people by using their mobile number. However as soon as you install this app, Viber will automatically add people to your account from the existing contacts.


WhatsApp is almost similar to Viber just a little different is you can post status here where Viber won’t let you do the exact same thing. You can add people through their mobile number and this is how WhatsApp works. Besides, it will take a very little space in your memory so you don’t have to worry about the storage.

So to sum up, making international phone calls is possible these days with the blessing of the above mentioned apps. It just needs data to make any call and you can spend hours of time with someone you love. Thanks for reading!

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